Why are you here?

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned budda, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Ok, I'm really high and I've begun thinking, Why am i on here. I mean i spend a lot of time on here, i get bored and pissed if there's a server problem and i cant get on.

    Why though? am i addicted to a forum? Is it something deeper than that, like a sense of family like you get from a gang? Being able to talk to others anonymously who enjoy the same experiences that you do.

    I still have my life outside of here, friends and all, but still, i spend a lot of time on here.

    How about you, why do you spend so much time on here?
  2. same reasons as you I guess. You know you won't be judged here. everyone here is all bout the herb. Talking to complete strangers who all have at least one thing in common. I guess it is like a family, a place to chill,vent or whatever you want.
  3. I know you're all here because of me.

    You don't have to deny it.

    Really, it's okay, I'm not going anywhere. You're safe.


    I'm here because I fuckin' love this place and you blades! :smoking:
  4. I am here because when my Father was 27 and my Mother 24 were in Love in 1987 They were ready to have their first child (me) they planned to have me to teach me how to grow up and be wise. I have never been arrested and seem to be pretty intelligent so I guess thats why I am here
  5. I learn a lot from reading the threads here. lots of cool people with a lot to offer
  6. because there are people on here that think more like myself than ones i seem to come across in my day to day life.

    and i also feel a sense of community with all of you, we are here for a common purpose and our lives are intertwined oh so beautifully because of it
  7. Why am I on here? Because I have nothing better to do with my free time then discuss illegal activities with 18 year old kids on the internet.

    (No offense to the few of you that are over 18)
  8. I don't spend too much time here, but if i had an excuse to be here it would be boredom, like when i do coke. lol
  9. I dont know, like I've said before, when you think about it we are like a big extended dysfunctional family.

    I guess that's why I'm here..... oh and for Junkiedays:wave:

    We should like have our own mini cannabis cup once a year, like some how find a secret location where we could all get together and meet and share some good smoke and times. I know it wont happen but i think it would be cool.:smoking:
  10. Why am I on here? because I like to smoke the marijuana and so do the others who frequent this site. I also like handing out advice and helpful information to those who need it. Like taking a little chicklet under you wing and watching it grow. We all started out as noob smokers, and what good is it having all this drug knowledge and not imparting it on people wanting and willing?
  11. yall *****z is losers that's why- lol im jp GC, nah i just come on here when I need info, then i always see that one stupid thread that i gotta' go check out, then i wanna' leave and notice another thread, and this is how im tricked into spending my time here.
  12. Im on here b/c theres other potheads on here. And Im bored when Im home so why not visit a ganja forum and bullshit with other smokers. Fun times.
  13. am I the only one who caught this?

  14. I think that would be cool too.... :)

    But you're right, it aint' likely! *insert hillbilly expression here*
  15. Im not sure why Im here:eek:
  16. The question is are you sure your here?:eek:
  17. To force my opinions down other people's throats.

    er... exchange ideas :D
  18. Hell fucking yes!!! :D

    :smoke: x 3
  19. i dunno, its just a chill place. people stoned, 24/7. its kinda badass when u think about it. I come home some times on some wild shit, too drunk, fucked up whatever and its like i fit right in. lol even if it is the net. fuck it.

  20. Whoa thats too deep for Underpantsman:D

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