Why Are We Allied With Israel?

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  1. I know it started after WWII when the Israeli State was established (I think), but why do we give a fuck?
    I haven't heard any decent reasons, so someone please enlighten me: why do my tax dollars go to Israel?

  2. Something to do with oil

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  3. Seriously, though.
  4. AIPAC, Banksters, MIC
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  6. In a perfect world, would we be allies with everyone?
  7. We would just be. In order to have allies, you need enemies.
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    At one point there was an argument that supporting Israel would benefit US interests in the region. Essentially they would act as our proxy, our colonial implant who would guard other actors from stepping out of line. They would be a bulwark against the spread of Soviet Russia influence and they would counteract the growing nationalist movements developing throughout the region.
    Though even back then, there was concern that US support for Israel would enrage the population in the Middle Eastern region. In 1948, Kermit Roosevelt, the man who would later help topple Mossadegh in Iran, wrote that "US support of Zionism will be detrimental to long term US interests in the Middle East.".
    Truman was intially reluctant to recognize Israel, but a powerful campaign of pressure from the Zionist lobby, guilt over US inaction in preventing the atrocities commited against the Jewish people during the Holocaust, and concerns about securing the Jewish vote - especially in New York - changed his mind.
    Since the Cold War ended, Israel is no longer a strategic asset but a strategic burden. It has long been recognized that our unconditional, fanatical support for Israel is a major factor that turns the populace of the Mid East against us, in combination with our support for their dictators, our wars and our interventions.
    It's evident that the Israel lobby controls Congress. Everyone knows it, but it's virtually illegal to say out loud. So, for example, Obama can act all mad when the NRA prevented the background check bill from even getting out of the Senate. He can freely say that the gun lobby is bullying Congress. But if anyone says the Israel lobby bullies Congress around, they are severly punished and smeared as "anti-Semitic". Recall how Chuck Hagel was publicly shamed and humiliated by the lobby for saying what everyone knows to be true before he was ultimately allowed to become Defense Secretary.
    Today the special relationship has gotten out of hand for the US. At some point there was a mutual, symbiotic kind of relationship there. But now Israel is out of the US's control completely. They do whatever they want and it's paid for in our money and blood. It's clear that the Saudi Lobby, the Oil Lobby, the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby dictate our actions in the Mid East.
    Of the aid we send to Israel, nearly $4 billion annually, 75% must be spent on US arms. This is a subsidy to the US MIC and welfare for Israel. An insidious union of The MIC and the Israel Lobby make us back Israel no matter what.
    Now, much the same forces who wanted us to get into Iraq are now asking us to get deeper involved in Syria. This should be a serious cause for concern and worry. The Israel Lobby's leading puppets in the Senate - McCain, Graham and Menendez  - just happen to be the same ones calling for arming rebels.
    edit: And of course those same voices too are urging us to fight Israel's battle for them in Iran.
  9. love that post considering you got dalai lama as avatar, the irony is overwhelming,
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    So because I support a religious leader of a religion that I do not practice, I can't post memes? Not once did I say anything about supporting the holocaust..and I never will.
  11. Also, the point of the meme was the answer to why we are allies with Israel. It's 1 part religious connection, 1 part world domination.
  12. Im just messing with ya :) dont get all defensive sir, i meant no offence by it,  i just think its funny youve got a dalai lama as an avatar and you say lol holocaust, or lol anything that has to do with genocide or anything like that and dalai lama together  considering hes suppose to be the complete opposite and I like your thread on this that you posted the other day
  13. It's all good. I didn't edit any of the memes, I got them from some site. What thread are we talking about? The Tao thread?
  14. I know it was short but it was serious.


    That's it

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  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjiLcl6WGBQ
    This is the story of Israel. This is the work that has brought the dreams of so many generations to life. And every step of the way, Israel has built unbreakable bonds of friendship with the United States of America.
    Those ties began only eleven minutes after Israeli independence, when the United States was the first nation to recognize the State of Israel. As President Truman said in explaining his decision to recognize Israel, “I believe it has a glorious future before it not just as another sovereign nation, but as an embodiment of the great ideals of our civilization”
    Since then, we have built a friendship that advances our shared interests. Together, we share a commitment to security for our citizens and the stability of the Middle East and North Africa. Together, we share a focus on advancing economic growth around the globe, and strengthening the middle class within our countries. Together, we share a stake in the success of democracy.
    But the source of our friendship extends beyond interests, just as it has transcended political parties and individual leaders. America is a nation of immigrants. We are strengthened by diversity. We are enriched by faith. We are governed not simply by men and women, but by laws. We are fueled by entrepreneurship and innovation. And we are defined by a democratic discourse that allows each generation to reimagine and renew our union once more. So in Israel, we see values that we share, even as we recognize what makes us different
  16. ^^yeah, hes pretty good at controlling feeble minded people with his words. the US president always has a great writer for his speeches......
    .......as long as the president can actually speak *cough* george w bush *cough* *cough* :laughing:
  17. The USA is afraid of the Isreali air force.

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