Why are these leaves turning brown ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Gigiworld1998, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Help.

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  2. You always look at new growth to determine whether or not your plant actually has an issue or not. From what I can tell, the dying leaves on this plant are on older growth which doesn't mean anything. All throughout the plant's life, older growth will die and fall off. And during the last few weeks of the flower cycle, you'll have a big die off of foliage when the plant stops sending nutrition to the leaves and devotes it all to finishing out the buds. All perfectly normal. Looks like your plant could use some fresh soil and a slightly larger container. When a plant gets larger than the container it's in (wider and taller than), it's time for a new container and some fresh soil. If you'll stay away from "auto" strains of seeds, you can forget nutes with a soil grow and just repot the plant once it's root bound. A good grade of formulated grow soil has more than enough nutrients in it to get a MJ plant through it's cycles and to harvest. Nutes and pH range are VITAL to a hydro setup, but with a soil grow it's just not that way. We use soil (Roots Organics Original), water (tap water is best because there are micronutrients in it the plants need and use), and excellent light...and that's all. We're getting around 5 oz per plant right now after harvest and cure. So you can grow a fine plant and get a good harvest off it with the very basics. Nutes are not magic beans that grow you a big plant and heavy weight at harvest.....simply plant food. It would be smart to know when a plant is actually even hungry or not before starting to pour these into your container unless you want to burn your plants up. Keep it simple. Buy good soil, don't water till your container is dry (DEAD DRY) and give each plant the best wattage and highest quality light for the cycle they're in. It's LIGHT that grows out a nice plant...plain and simple. Give them light, soil and water and it will work just fine. TWW
  3. I disagree, there is a few things that will start from the older leaves and work it's way up.

    Your issue maybe something eating it or if you are dropping water on their leaves with nutes in it. But honestly post your set up if you want better advice. Know nothing of what you been doing.
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  4. Im usimg black magic line of nutes and this is a 400 watt m.h light . They are like 1 month and sum days.

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  5. And i did drop sum water on her leaves thanks bro
  6. No problem. Your plants look nice. Little suggestion? Get them walls white, it will pay you back. If it keeps happening I would suggest checking your runoff ph.
  7. I was thinking tbat too bro.
  8. Maybe too much fertilizer, too much water, too small a pot, or wrong pH. I'd repot like TWW suggested. It looks pretty good, put it in a larger container and only water when it needs it.
  9. Ithey only been in those pots 4 2 weeks
  10. Repotting is the easiest way to fix what's wrong with a plant. It's an instant fix for whatever's wrong if whatever is wrong is in the soil. Maybe the new growth looks good because you did repot it. My guess is you're using too much nutes.
  11. Will flushing be ah goid idea
  12. If you have excellent drainage you can flush it. Nothing will fix mature leaves so you'll have to judge how it's doing by new growth and your new growth looks good but a bit twisted which to me means too many nutes. I've never grown perfect plants. Those look like the same containers as in your avi.
  13. You got bugs? Cause I see spots on your tips like something's been gnawing at em, that doesn't look like water or nute damage. The burns yeah looks like too much nutes, but those tears don't look like it's from that kinda damage.

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  15. Their are no bugs bro , i be ripping off where its brown at.
  16. T
    They are the same plants that's whem i first repotted them
  17. Don't rip, cut man use like tiny scissors. Better for the plant, easy for it to heal.

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  18. It doesn't look like there's a major problem...maybe you have a little hot spot or something?

    Do you have a temp gauge at your hottest place in the room? Is there adequate fresh air for the plant?

    In your first post...the pic where you can see the whole plant, she looks a little thirsty...when the soil has that light brown look, she needs a drink.

    Little imperfections happen like that when heat builds up or there's too much dry air on the plant. I wouldn't flush that plant...sometimes that only makes things worse. You should only do that when there's some nutrient burn or when you're finishing bloom and your style of growing requires it.
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