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Why are there hater stoners?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rizo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Browsing through threads and seems to me there are so many haters and flamers that criticize others. Drop that joint cuz weed ain't making you chill.quit judging homiez why are there hater stoners
    Fuck them

    Drunk as hell and still don't give a fuck
  2. yeah its kinda fucked man... like some of these people find pleasure in convicting the underage members and all... i think its kinda sad. at least, it goes against my ideals of my fellow stoners. i dunnoo....
  3. Dont hate on the haters, or you are a hater of the haters which means you hater of the hater stoners of which supposedly hate on you, making a circle of hate of never ending hate

  4. dont think hes hating, just asking why theyre here... :/
  5. cause it makes them feel better about themselves, you cant control other people really so just let them drema of their sepuriority
  6. insecurities they expel outwards to drag others down.
  7. lol.. smoking weed doesn't make someone a chill person..

    People are just like that in general, OP. It's better to just ignore them :smoke:
  8. Why are there haters? because people do obnoxious stuff

    To be honest, my younger stoner self could've used a good slap on the wrist

    Feedback is important to the bettering of society:)

    edit: sometimes you have to accept that the hate you get is justified and if you can swallow your pride you can better yourself.

  9. Does that mean you're a hater of the hater of the hater stoners? :smoking:
  10. its just tough love for all my softies
  11. 1) I am not a stoner, I smoke weed. Which doesn't bring me to:

    2) its time to fucking end all this 'hater' shit. god damn.
  12. Im from east 408 and I HATE ghetto people like u, how u people write and talk and spelling "homies" with a "z".

    I will continue to hate on people like you.
  13. *hates people who spell homies with a z*

    *spells Frozen with a 3*


    all in good fun ;)
  14. hate hate hate

    if its different people are naturally resistant
  15. Because weed doesn't automatically turn somebody into a peace-loving hippie.

    That kind of propagandistic train of thought is just as bad as the "weed makes white women get raped by black dudes" sort of thinking of the past.

    All sorts of people smoke weed. All sorts of people use Internet forums. What you see is what you get: a microcosmic representation (GC weed smokers) of the macrocosm (worldwide weed smokers).

    Don't like it? Use your ignore list...or just ignore it like 1000s of others do.
  16. Mother fucking this.
  17. From my prospective weed doesn't change some people. There's assholes that smoke, there's weirdos that smoke, there's stupid people that smoke, there's brilliant people that smoke. Ignore them and find some chill people to chat with, MOST people on here are hella cool
  18. Why be a douche smoker? What about peace and love. I smoke weed now for first time in 30 years. I was anti weed. Now I have no headaches, pain, or sleep problems. I'm relaxed. I'm lazy. I'm getting fat. I'm depressed but it helps that too. I love it. No more pills to me.
  19. As cookiecrisp said, smoking weed doesn't make some, if any people a more 'chill' person the majority of the time. If you're a douche, and you smoke, you will continue to be a douche

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