Why are the edges of my leaves pointing up?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wolfgang123, May 9, 2011.

  1. So my plant is doing ok but i noticed that the edges (tips width wise not length wise) are sticking up. I remeber reading it was maybe a heat problem but why would they point up towards the light??
  2. They could be looking for water.
  3. no she gets water enough for sure. i thought of that and even after a fresh watering they still point.
  4. I used to also have this problem until I changed from 150w to 400w. I don't know for sure if its a light deficiency issue or not, but it is no longer happening to mine.
  5. that sounds about right now that i think about it. i will up by a few more cfls and see if that fixes it thanks
  6. i think overwatering do a search on claw leaf marijuana there are some pics to compare with just checked
  7. If the leaf is pointing straight up like it's erect that means it's growing healthy and has a lot of fertilizer in it. Maybe lighten the fertilizer slightly. If the leaf tip curls down, you're starting to use too much fertilizer. Lower the amount moderately. If the leaf tip burns (and the light isn't to blame) then you nutrient burned it. Stop fertilizer for 2 weeks and flush the plant out.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the info Spazik. I too was curious about this, but didn't think it was a light or water issue since my plants have been doing so good. They are growing fast and strong. Very nice color and thickness in both the leaves and stem. I haven't used any fertilizer on mine yet. Still using the original potting mix I started in. Its been about two weeks since I potted them.
  9. Yes thanks for all the responced guys. What is the general guide for flushing? isnt it like 2 time the size of your pot? so if i had a 1 gallon pot i would run 3 gallons of water through it to flush it right?

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