Why are Salt bowls so popular?

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  1. I understand it's a very detailed and artistic looking bowl, but to me they look kinda gross. I'd rather have a heavily worked bowl with alot of bright colors and creative swirl designs. I don't wanna be staring at a dull colored, melting eye ball bowl when I take a hit. This isn't a troll thread, don't flame. Just tell me why you love Salt bowls.
  2. it's all about art and personal preference. Talk to no_comment he is the EXACT opposite of you lol, hates wig wags and reversals and such and loves salt and snic type stuff.
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    i happen to love melting eyes.

    i want salt to make the zombie from hell of the living dead,


    seriously though, salt is perfect for me. i love gore/grit/weird stuff. i dont like everything salt does, lots of generic stuff, but id rather have the worst salt than some wig wag, especially those wigwags that get cut off/meet in the middle/dont flow properly, looks so bad.
  4. haha, new you'd comment...mister no comment!

    you're the first person i thought of as i was reading this, and it explains the answer perfectly.
  5. haha. glassblowers need to get more gritty man. theres enough biggie smalls/tupac/bob marley stuff. enough wig wags, enough eyeballs, i want some seriously fucked up glass art. some gory looking stuff, gushing eyeball sockets, melting bloody ribcages, lots of blood and guts. maybe an open skull,that would be a sick slide, i bet theres a couple of those out there already though. any of you heads know any artists like this? real gritty guys?
  6. ever hear of scire?
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    holy balls, that is majorly dope. i am shocked no one has showed me that before.

    just checked out what he has on headyglass, not too much right now. id love to have him make something custom.
  8. my only goal in glass right now is to one day have a snic bubbler. but i dont see that happenin anytime soon. for now im just trying to get the cash to pay for my sasha AC.
  9. I love Salts work, Its all Preference. Had to grab a slide when i got the chance, gives a diffrent attitude to your tubes/pieces. He also makes some sick looking tubes, def need one!
  10. [​IMG]

    no comment that's what i thought of when you said zombie.

    and to OP, it's personal preference. i love eyes. don't really like monsters so much, but the more intricate salt pieces have some of the most beautiful color work and shaping.
  11. hahahah that thing is epic.

    id like details on it tbh!
  12. I think Salt is pretty sick. His work is solid and even though he's pretty popular a lot of his slides are still unique. I don't really like gore or zombies but I think the work is tight, its obviously high end. Anyone can do a swirl with red and black lol.
  13. wigwams and such are nice but theirs only so much you can do. i love slides that are something. salts look like monsters. thats pretty sweet. i love the jop chicken idea, or the rapper/celebrity heads. i feel like it gives a personality to a piece.
  14. craftsmanship...his craftsmanship is the reason for its popularity
  15. just because you smoke pot out of it doesnt mean its not Art. The man is an artist because most people cant handle glass like that. I've tried on my friends torch and its much more than just twirling it around lol. You are paying for a gorgeous piece of artwork my friend.
  16. i dont dig JOP chickens, but i love his black elephant that someone here has... i forget who.. tokinvapes or icu or someone.

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