Why are people assholes?

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  1. What's up GC haven't been on in a while, been busy with real life shit. Been running into a lot of assholes lately:mad:

    Yesterday me and my friend Jason rolled us 3 nice blunts of some pretty good shit, not dank but really good reggies. Well after blazing i still had 10$ left so we decide to walk to the McDonald's closest to our location, it's a pretty long walk(5-6 miles) and neither of us could drive because we don't feel safe driving high, but those Chicken nuggets and milkshakes were just so irresistable(sp?).

    Well we get there and its pretty late, and we smoked another blunt on the way, we were walking to the doors when out of no where these assholes in an SUV drive at us at the speed of muh seed and one of them throws a drink at us which hit me right in the face. I was beyond pissed so i was going to go confront them, then 2 more SUVs pull up with 4-6 people in each one and the driver says "You fellas wanna do something about it? Well beat the living shit out of you, come on make our day"

    Well we ended up just walking away we had no chance of taking them all, i was still pissed so to calm down we smoked that other blunt, so i felt better. But why do people have to be such assholes, neither of us knew any of them and we had done nothing to them, people are just assholes sometimes i guess. I wish we could all just get along:(

    What do you think GC, why are some people just assholes?
  2. I have been asking myself this for the last 3 years... I really hope you find the answer to this

  3. same here, except its been four years.
  4. people are just assholes it's a common fact, you will rarely find nice, honest people now and days, due to our society being so corrupt.
  5. damn niqqa you in compton?

    shit. robbed at mcdonalds. I know shit go on but thats crazy lol.
  6. next time you see em, just give the dude a high-five while he's gulpin down his bigmac, and slash his fuckin tires while you're plowin his mom :hello:
  7. Ive started to realise anyone who tries to fuck me over has a shit life and their own issues as to do why they do it, and just ignore them. A few years ago i would hav been verbally and in some cases physically aggressive but now i just turn away. Theres too many arseholes for me to punch them all in the face!
  8. Some fuckers just need to grow up like some former friends of mine who are just dicks.
  9. people who hurt on the inside hurt others to make themselves feel better.
  10. Damn man im so sorry to hear that. Nothing enrages me more than hearing about people trying to pick fights for no reason when their in a group. Id have thrown a rock through the window then hopped over a small border or a wall. Fucker cant drive over a wall and i highly doubt they'd all get out and have a sustained on-foot chase with you.
  11. Why do people rape and torture little girls? In science, we call the range of behaviors, from randomly throwing beverages at people, to feeling sexual pleasure at the suffering of small children, sociopathy.

    Bad genes. Bad parents. Bad ideas. Bad environment.

    The recipe to create a sociopath.
  12. Yea man i thought the same thing as you. But peoples morals now a days are shity and it seems doing the right thing does not concern the general masses. Just the next pleasure in their life is all they care about.
    Government gives us american idol and food stamps.=bread and circus.
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    dude, I knew a girl who was sittin in the intersection at a red light and out of no were someone walked up to her driver side window and smacked a tuna sandwich in her face, open. lololol

    I hate people like that, y cant everyone just be peaceful and not fight. it's so much easer to sit down and smoke a blunt then to try and fight someone. it's just stupid...
  14. some dudes threw a drink at you? damn, that sucks. you shoulda been like "where my fries, motherfucker?!"

    but don't give up hope in humanity. people aren't ALL assholes. just when we're drunk.
  15. haha dude thats great!:smoke:
  16. The speed of yuh seed?
  17. There are chill people like me

  18. Haha this.

    Op, you should've gotten a toy too.
  19. My answer without reading a single post. Even the OP. Ego.
  20. One of my many questions man. Hate people who think they are better then all and can take on anyone with their Ali skills (thats only when they have numbers with them)

    All we can do is let them get what is coming to them one day, hopefully.

    For now let's just smoke a bowl.

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