Why Are Nirvana Seeds So Cheap?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Why are Nirvana seeds so cheap?

    I'd love to buy some White Widow's for $30 but it seems almost to good to be true. :eek:
  2. this is the wrong forum, but basically the price is cheap because the seeds are cheap knockoffs of other more expensive breeder's strains. you see, most of the expensive breeders produce F1, or first generation, crosses or stabilized strains. these are usually more vigorous and more uniform. with nirvana you get the second or more generation, F2, F3, etc. and there will be a wide array of different phenotypes. the plants will look different and have different traits.

    there is no gaurantee what you will get. it's possible to get some really great plants this way, but it's also possible to get some really shitty ones. people usually buy from more expensive breeders to help gaurantee themselves they know what they are getting or atleast close to what they are getting. if you are new to growing, there's nothing wrong with getting them. you could turn out with great plants... you never know. but also if you fuck up, then atleast the seeds you wasted weren't too expensive, know what I mean?

    edit: P.S. if you do go with nirvana, don't pay 30 bucks! you can get them for $15 at seedboutique.com and around $17 from drchronic.com

    I know white widow and all the other strains are popular, but honestly they are overrated... it's just the few strain names casual smoker americans know. if you want to go with cheap seeds that don't have to be white widow or northern lights or the typical thing, I would go with Mandala Seeds. the hashberry and speed queen are very nice indicas for under 20 bucks. the safari mix is cheap too and you could get some nice plants in there as well. the sativas cost about 10 bucks more but they are nice, especially the satori. also check out morning dew spice for $25 by Spice Brothers. it's C99xendless sky. read up about C99 and endless sky separately and you'll know what to expect... awesome plants, that's what. www.drchronic.com for these... hope I helped ;]
  3. Or these - these have been the best I've grown and smoked for years - seriously great value too!
  4. do those have a really skunky smell or citrus, bopper?
  5. Yeah, I've seen the phenotype problem in my current grow already. Two plants stopped growing after two days, and of the remaining two, one was producing twisted leaves. My female continued to produce a couple of twisted leaves every now and then but now that it's flowering, the leaves are fine. The plant is healthy, so I guess it's just genetics. I recall reading Nirvana seeds do this from time to time but it doesn't necessarily affect potency or yield(or at least not to a noticable degree).

    And yeah, White Widow is overrated. In my experience, anything mixed with skunk is the way to go. :smoking:
  6. Agreed with the phenotype variation. Never the same plant twice...

    In my rhino grow I've got several which seem heavily indica (as the two I gre last time were), and 2 or 3 that look like they're almost completely sativa.

    I've always used nirvana seeds because, well, they're cheap I guess. I don't think I'll use them again though, except for outdoor grows.
  7. + rep hero and bobber. Very helpful stuff. especialy since im shopin for seed now. I alway go here http://www.guruseeds.com/ they are expensive but they'll ship to the US. I figure at the price 70/ten they would be F1. you guys no anything about this company?
  8. go with www.drchronic.com t.bug. you'll be happy. :]

    p.s. I really think the best cheap mixed seeds around are mandala's safari mix and tiki seed's mix. take a look at the tiki strains. bambata looks like a fuckin champ, and instead of paying 70 bucks for it, you could possibly end up with it in the mix pack. i've seen a few awesome grows coming so far with people using the tiki mix.. awesome african strains. mandala is great too. indian strains.

    and for around the $30 level, spice brothers has tons of F2's and F1 crosses of really, really nice strains.
  9. I bought the Mandala 'Speed Queen' and got 10/10 germination. All plants growing and looking uniform in my outdoor plot.
    You can really see the heavy indica influence in the first true set of leaves for this strain. They were about two inches long and one inch wide before the next set started up.
    The leaves have a really nice deep green color, my plants so far are staying verrrrry close to the ground. I recommend this strain, and Mandala Seeds as well.

    These seeds were cheap, but the genetics seem to be good quality so far.

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