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why are my seeds not germinating?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by MTmind, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. So, I have 4 seeds that have been between 2 paper towels that are moistened and in a plastic bag so they wont dry out. They have been there for 3 days. No results?

    I also have 4 seeds that were soaking overnight then put into Jiffy cubes. They have been there for a week, and no sprouting?

    What the hell?

    These are seeds my buddy has had from good mids that he has come by in the past couple years. Could they all be bad? They are probably from a few different strains.
  2. get an container and put some water in it. soak the seeds in there for 24 hrs or so. The ones that sink are good. Take the sinkers and do like u have been with the paper towels. make sure ur keeping it somewhat warm and out of the light. they should sprout in 3 days, then there u go, plant them.
  3. that's what I have been doing.

    Im wondering if the seeds are bad?

    I have 5 more, and wondering if I should try those out too?

    If none germinate, I don't know if I should try ordering some, or if the cannabis gods just dont want me growing?
  4. Why not? Worst thatl happen is they wont pop.

    Sometimes it can take longer than 3 days, I would be patient.
  5. yeah wait 3-4 more days

    Also, try scruffing them, that might help
  6. I suggest burping them for air every so often. Doesn't sound like you are, so there ya go.

    I germ between two moist paper towels in an air tight container, and I have to open it occasionally, or they don't germinate.
  7. i've had seeds take upwards of 8 days sometimes...

    warmth, darkness, moist. The occasional burp for fresh air...
  8. I have been opening them up. I have been opening them up about twice a day, to see if there is any sprout coming out. I do not know if you can see the sprout coming out through the paper towel.

    With the new ones I just started soaking for 24 hours, one opened up while soaking it. So I removed it with tweezers, and immediately inserted into a jiffy cube today. I inserted the jiffy cube into a plastic cup with soil, and put some plastic wrap over the top, with a few holes for some air to come in.

    The still no seedling on the jiffy cubes that had seeds planted right away, been almost ten days. The original seeds that I was germinating in paper towels are still sitting in a warm dark place. I just took the other seeds that were soaking(and sank) and placed those into a moist paper towel, folded it over, and inserted into a zip lock bag. We will see what happens.

    We will see what happens. If nothing, then I think the seeds might just not have been stored properly. But...... I could be wrong.

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