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Why are my seeds not germinating?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by ThatGoodGoodBud, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I have 2 seeds wrapped in a moist paper towel, they have been there for 3 days and I still have no results...any help please?
  2. keep the temp close to 80 they like it warm...I soak my seeds for 24hrs till they crack open then put them in paper towel until the tap root sticks out about 1/4 inch...try soaking them for 6-12 hrs and see if they crack open...could just be bad seeds too
  3. Also it isn't chiseled in stone that if beans don't pop in 3 days the never will. Sure it's frustrating but this while process requires patience. 3 days into germ you should still have a bunch left.
  4. yea thats true they do tend to take longer if you start with paper towel so i wouldnt worry just yet
  5. Where did you get the seeds?

  6. The seeds are from an Indo California Chronic plant. I got them from my dealer.
  7. my seeds didnt open either there just swollen and not opening....nearly 2 weeks now, shall i ditch them or put them in the ground and hope for the best! im slightly relieved too as i have a mumma in flower and two clones just transplanted and vegging....3 more seedlings and id be all over the place!!!
  8. they are most likely not alive, for both of you, i had mine peek out over night when i left it, cracked in a moist towel in my backyard with sun on it. (too much will kill it)
  9. Yeah man thought they were dead! Oh well can't have it all your own way...I was given these so there's no Seedbank that's handed out a bad genetic strain or anything!

    Happy Growing! Missevo

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