Why are my plants short and bushy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lococo, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. First time grower here. Im growing aurora indica and its almost 4 weeks in veg now and i dont know what im doing wrong since my plants so short. I grow them under 300w led light. I was supposed to start flowering in couple days but im wondering if i should veg them longer

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  2. Are they autos? If not I grow to 1/2 of desired height.
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  3. Not autos
  4. Plants will grow towards the light until they have enough light then they grow outwards as far as I know. try raising the light a bit, I run a single plant off a very low 45w LED light similar to yours and mine is nearly 70cm tall now.

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  5. It's strain related. You obviously have indicas - they are short and bushy. Good luck and your plants look very healthy.
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  6. You have a lot of room in that grow area that isn't getting used. THAT is the problem. The plants look perfect.
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  7. Thanks for the replies. I raised the lamp higher and gonna keep vegging till they stretch a bit
  8. This, I have the same problem. Been vegging for awhile now and they’re short and bushy as fuck. Like a damn tumble weed lol

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