Why are my plants flowering at 3 weeks?

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  1. I've got two plants, around 3 weeks old, on 18/6 schedule.  They started developing buds.  Why is this? I've attached a couple of pics, the second one has my hand in it so you can see how tiny they are.  Feminized seeds.  Could it be light leakage?  I didn't think that was so important in the veg stage. I pinched off the buds, was that the correct thing to do?  Thanks for any advice. photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG

  2. Miracle grow? Lol
  3. Maybe autos.
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    Not supposed to be autos! Would autos bud so soon?
  5. I don't know but I think it's really cool that it has a fast development I would be ecstatic.
  6. Yeah, but they are so small I don't think I'd get much payoff.
  7. Don't remove them. Some will throw flowers during veg but they Won't bud out till the flip. Let my people grow!Mj
  8. If its auto its bang on time for.it.to flower bit early for pre flowering lol you may have autos on ya hands dont change light schedule and keep going :)

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  9. And if tgey are autos there a good size autos go nuts just after preflower

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  10. Thanks for the replies.  I'm afraid I already pinched off the buds, but I'm sure they'll keep going.  This does make me want to try autos though!
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  11. Gotta treat them like human women when wanting babies lol you dont piss them off or there gonna get angry ya wife cut off the sex ya plant will cutt of the bud supply ( low yeild) or reveal shes a chick with a dick and hermie and thats not cool.

    Leave any buds on there auto or not its not a baf sign if she auto you will notice more come through if shes veg shes just pre flowering and shes just telling you she ready to be flowered when your ready

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