Why are my fan leaves growing in threes?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Nade1, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Looks “healthy” good color, needs more wind on it to make it stronger but my only “concern” are the fan leaves(some grew in with 5,4,3, and 2 “petals”(?) and dont look “normal”. Pistils are starting to come out somewhat quick also upload_2019-6-30_21-23-57.jpeg upload_2019-6-30_21-28-48.jpeg upload_2019-6-30_21-27-12.jpeg
  2. Nothing to really be concerned about, weed grows with several set number of leaves throughout its lifespan, and depending on where the plant you look. And even when the fingers number a weird number, it's just a mutation - in which case there's nothing you can do. As long as they're able to photosynthesise etc they're all good.
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  3. Can you bring your light closer? That thing is stretched out
  4. possibly stress from a light cycle change. Looks like they need more light too.
  5. assuming this is a clone ? seen this before . when you clone from a clone and repeat the process many times getting away from the seed plant you will start seeing this . not open for debate . this is what i have seen from experience . i have only seen this in a clone situation never from seeds . trust me we run though the packs of beans here . it will not herm it will just produce not so great or weak buzz buds usually very loose . i have seen some that they could not even LIGHT IT ~ lmao cant light a fucking bud ! yep been there done that lmao . throw it onto the stove let it cook no smoke just drys up .
  6. edit my post . it would not burn . we gave it to king ace the master smoker lol thinks he knows everything about weed old fuck . was very funny trying to watch him hit it in a bong ! every body falling on the floor laughing . total garbage no smell out of a bag no crystals total joke. good old times
  7. My first fan leaves are always 3 fingered but the top of the plant usually has 7-11 fingered fan leaves.
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  8. If it was a clone they typically have 3 leafs. After vegging for awhile they will fix itself.
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  9. edit feel free to disagree with my posts . the information i post is from experience . im not some tent grower here with a few plants . if you do disagree with me please post why if i am incorrect i would like to learn why so i can correct my mistakes .
  10. my fan leaves never grow in 3s
  11. i like how all the micro growers disagree with me . im sure you see a lot of plants a year . 4 ? lol

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