Why Are Most Americans So Simple Minded?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CherryBud, May 24, 2013.

  1. In my lifetime i've been through a few presidents, and it seems every year Americans start to grow more irrelevant to what's really going on. I thought about this when i was watching t.v and Fox News was slamming president obama for the things and didn't do in his first term. Im not a full-on obama supporter but I'm also not a obama hater either. I think it's wrong that this man get all the blame for every bad thing that happens in this world. I don't even think that most people know how our political system works. Congress should be the people that get blamed. The president doesn't make laws or bills. He can only suggest them and let "the people" decide. If "the people" all have a biased against obama then of course they're not going to support his ideas. This has nothing to do with whether you democrat or republican, white or black, young or old. MOST (not all) congressmen vote on whatever will be good for them personally. This system is so broken it's a damn shame. Give you thoughts on this topic and have debate. 

  2. The President bears most of the blame because he has by far the most individual power of anyone in government. Congress would only get the blame if Obama constantly vetoed bills, and those bills were then pushed through by a 2/3 vote in Congress, but that's not what happens. The President also has use of executive orders, which are binding as law. Personally I've never understood either side of the position, i.e., the side that says the President has very little power and the side who blames everything on the President. Both are pretty ignorant imo. Obama deserves much blame, and so does Congress. They are in it together.
  3. Gov-run schools.
  4. I think it's most human beings in general that don't want to be bothered with educating themselves.
    I'm fortunate to have found a few interests that I'm really passionate about, though. Relative to now, I was certainly simple minded.
    It's an ongoing process to stay informed, and is something most don't have the desire or motivation to do. That being said, I'm by no means exceptional. 
    Gotta keep learning. 
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    yea i hate obama but i can agree that there are things out of his control that he should not be blamed for
    and i been though alota presidnets also
    it gets worce every year. the press becomes more disrespectful of the presidnt.
    i mean look how they treated bush
    so i cant really feel bad about obama getting a little heat. at least most of the reporters in his press pool are all over his dick and he dosnt get to much of a hard time from them
    and i love how when that lady is yelling at him, he says please sit down and i will answer ur question. meanwhile, his eyes are darting around telling his people to take the lady away, and sure enough, she had three people around her who escorted her out, even tho obama asked her to sit down, not leave
  6. A lot of American are very unaware of how their government works. People who blame everything on Obama surely don't realize that a lot of how our laws are made fall on Congress. However, the American people now believe that the Prez will take care of anything and everything for us, once again mistaking who is actually in charge of what in terms of our rights. If we are talking about why are most Americans unaware of how fucked up our system is, then I believe it's because some people aren't stupid, but simply following protocol and not question anything. This can be a truly dangerous thing when in the hands of an abuser though.
  7. Perhaps I can try to clarify it.
    It doesn't work.
  8. Ultimately the entire government shares blame. The failure is systemic. Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, the individual states and their respective divisions, everything. With that being said, imo the executive branch has historically been the leader in failure, pulling the other branches and the states along with it, so to place the majority of the blame on the President is appropriate.
    In case you didn't take the time to read what I posted..
  10. I read what you posted, but my post is for people whom have been called simple minded. I think short sentences will work the best.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMqJvhmD5Yg
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    And what prestigious country do you come from? I've been to 28 different country's studied several different cultures and have seen the inner workings of other governments, to call Americans simple minded is the same as calling the rest of the world chimps. Our government, though it's not perfect, works better than any other government. Take France, for example, if not for American views this country would still fall under a monarchy and not a democracy. This country has rewritten its constitution over 15 times from 1789 to 1950. The are on their fifth republic. Yet we Americans stand simple minded. We stand the only country that allows freedom of choice whether to further education, obtain employment, or join the military. Almost every country requires a minimum 2 years mandatory military service after high school. Yet we are simple minded. As a people today, America is a shadow of what it used to be 50 years ago, and I would still put the American people next to any country in a comparison. Again by no means are we perfect, we have our share of retards, but we stand the greatest republic known to mankind since Rome. When you go to make a debate about the president or the congress state them and not "the American People." I stand as an American and have fought for this country and do not appreciate this slander.

    To what should we Americans care about what happens else where in the world, come here and walk down the street, ask anyone and I mean anyone even a nine year old about what's going on here in the united states and they will answer with a multitude of things.

    Are you simple minded? should I render this in lament terms for you to understand?

    If so America is great we know what's happening in our home, your country sucks balls and you're dumb.

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  13. It's not just Americans, I think you'll find that the majority of people are incredibly stupid.
  14. I think if you were to look into the other people as a whole America stands above most when it comes to knowledge of politics and like minded things. Even general studies and knowledge we stand to a higher rate than most comparable nations. Hell we stand a nation that allows you to choose exactly what you want to study. In some republic and democratic nations you study whatever is in your pay grade, if your parents were farmers then your lineage will stay farmers or bankers or politicians etc.

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  15. it is in the water
    I like your avatar
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    :laughing: Says the guy who's 'stupid quote thread' is solely based on conspiracy theories.
    What conspiracy theorists actually say,
    "You're a sheep, you should join us lambs" It's hilarious.
    @happy420stoner, you in school?
  18. i think hes majoring in socalogy , hard time
  19. Who really wants to be educated and responsible? Pity the fool who grapples with evil, his battle is vain, his life brief and powerless. You claim to be an activist and appear proud of it. So why don't you spend your time writing letters to politicians and organizing protests? Once you walk the walk instead of talking the talk, you'll realize how hard it is to make progress or influence in social or political spheres, and resign yourself to the simple life.

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