why are bologna and cheese sandwiches sooooooo good?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captainbasch420, May 11, 2011.

  1. nothing beats starting the day fresh with a fat bologna and cheese sandwich.(not really)
    but bologna and cheese sandwiches are still good.
    i think one month im gonna eat nothing but bologna and cheese sandwiches.
    just to see what happens.
  2. Does it have a pickle? You need to put some sandwich stackers on that shit dude.
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    hmm no it does not :[

    i must quest into the far away land of kitchen, and find this relic known as pickle.
    and feast upon its energies of life.

    edit: i think that pickle mightve been bad, cuz it tasted like a cucumber, and it was spicy.... i dont recall pickles being spicy....
  4. Dude I'm getting bologna tomorrow from the grocery store. I got like 3 kinds of pickles in my fridge just waiting plus swiss and cheddar cheese.
  5. I like baked turkey and gouda cheese on rye bread (no seeds) and mayo.
    It's so good.

  6. this is why thanksgiving is the best holiday ever.
    all that leftover turkey is perfect for making sandwiches.
  7. Damn I haven't had a bologna sandwhich in years. I need one NOW.
  8. Eh bologna.. *vomits*
  9. MINDREADER! Quoted for truth. :cool:
  10. Faded skies and I have been on the same page here as of recent, good stuff.
  11. cnt stand the shit unless its fried,

    fried bologna and cheese now thats a way to start a morning. just not every single one, probably not the healthiest choice.
  12. They aren't.

    Bologna is like rendered anal tissue or at least it tastes that way.

  13. Hahahahahah!!
  14. yup think that will do it, wnt be hittin up oscar meyer for awhile now.:cool:
  15. Bologna is pretty gross. I would rather eat just bread. Turkey is pretty good though. Turkey ham also. You gotta step up your variety of lunch meats.
  16. We just call it ARSE & LIPS in the UK :poke:

  17. Dude I love bologna and cheese sandwiches!! My mommy use to make them for me all the time when I was little. But then for years we never had it in the house, and this year I started eating them again and it's like falling in love all over again.
    Bologna > ham > turkey
  18. I prefer grilled cheese sandwich or a roast beef sub.
  19. You guys need to stop eating like 10 year olds and buy some Boar's Head deli sliced meat
  20. I used to eat that shit non stop, now everytime I think of the sandwhich I feel a little sick. Don't eat them too much or you'll get sick of them.

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