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Why am I the punching bag?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SeriousToke, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. I just started going to university this past september.

    Since the beginning, had a group to hang out with. About 7-8 people.
    Anyways, I think of myself as a pretty nice guy, I don't insult people, I keep to myself although I joke around with them. All of them being guys of course.

    But sometimes, when I'm high for example and I'm around them, they tease and call me names which kill my high pretty fast. I don't like being a dick so I always reply with a Stfu or Fuck off, etc.

    Like 40m ago, I seshed with 3 of them and 1 ended up coming up to me behind and strangling me with a long piece of string, got red marks on my neck. The same guy then threw like a little ball and hit me in the face by the eye and it hurt.

    Its really annoying, and I really haven't done shit to them or messed with them. They're just naturally assholes and dicks to me. But for what reason, idk...

    Is it cause I let them be? I don't try and be the big man and fire back at them. Like they're cool dudes most of the time...but there are those moments which happen a lot and they just rip on me..

    One guy calls me 'perma'd' since I'm always high. But thats not a bad thing to me..he makes it sound like it is. I'm still keeping up w/ school.

    I don't know...this is more of a rant than anything else.

    I was hoping I'd have more mature people to hang around with, but some of these guys are actually just straight up immature with the constant teasing.

    Anyways, later GC
  2. They're young guys in college, being a dick is in their nature. You just have to man up and either show you're not to be fucked with or have a serious conversation with them. That second one is much harder because if it doesn't go well they'll just think you're an even bigger bitch.
  3. Ask them not us.
  4. Really just sounds like they're being guys. I know in my group of guy friends, we rag on each other all the time. I'm usually the target for their shit, but I can dish it as well as I take it.

    You just sound sensitive. If you don't like being around them, stop chilling with them. Find some girl friends.

  5. Yeah I already told them that the teasing is fine, just keep it to a minimum. One guy when he gets high, calls me a 'Faggot' 'Retard' and teases and tries to troll me by asking me about dicks and how I got a vagina..

    I told them to cool it and that one guy calling me 'faggot,retard, etc' said sorry and that they would.
    Maybe a few days later, its all back to how it was...
  6. what? you've never just strangled a bro?

    eh...either find new friends or learn to play rough with the ones you got i guess...

    they kind of sound like dicks though
  7. stand up to them. all they are really doing is asserting their dominance over you, and you are taking it.
  8. I live in a major college town. 90% of the kids here have mommy and daddy to pay for everything and typically are just assholes cause they've need had to truly work for anything. It gets old. Thats why I hate basically everyone here. Haha.
  9. You either develop a thicker skin or you are going to find a different group of buddies. Or maybe keep letting them do it to you. Or become REALLY good at pranking them to the extent that they stop messing with you in fear of what may come of it. Just my 2 cents.:)
  10. Talking shit is natural. Start talking mean shit back, but when it comes to people doing shit like strangling or throwing shit at my face is when I'd be boxing with the dude. Shit talking between guys is what we do, but if another dudes tryna do shit like that to me ima kick his ass.

    Next time one of them takes it too far like that punch the dude in the fuckin nose. I promise you they will never fuck with you like that again. Either that or its just gonna get worse.
  11. Exactly. If it becomes physical to the point where they're actually harming you (not talking jabs to the arm and shit...you'll live) then you need to either say something about it, or do something about it. A stiff jab to the nose will make them think twice about doing that shit again.

    Don't be a pussy, but don't be passive, either.
  12. me and one of my homies DRILL each other like that. im talking hours of smoking, shit talking, and punching.
    when we first started chilling i felt like you do, but i realized they arent being dicks, just get involved and its actually kinda fun

    later i realized it was like him and his dads "right of passage" sort of thing and once they were like ight this kid can hold his own, it was alllll g. i smoke with them like twice a week now loll
  13. Do you live in the same room as them? If not, this is what you do... because it happened to me and my roommates.

    Shit in 2 cups. Yes, two.

    During a smoke session, or any other time when you can get a minute alone in their room, go take the cups and hide one where they can find it. Then, unscrew a heating vent and place the second cup inside.

    Now, every time you go to their room, casually/discretely turn their heat up a few degrees.

    It will smell like shit. They will search and find the decoy and think all is well. Then, it will still smell like shit and drive them nuts.
  14. Do you actually enjoy hanging out with these people or do you just hang out with them because they are your "friends" and the people you have always hung out with?

    If you don't really enjoy spending time with them, but rather just spend time with them because you want someone to hang out with/would rather not be alone I say you step back and find yourself.

    Why is it you don't like being alone with yourself?
    Is it because you don't like who you see/who you are?
    Find yourself, what you want to be and achieve that.

    I use to hang out with a destructive group of friends 4-5 of us and I played the same roll as you. People would fuck with me or instigate shit while I'm just chilling minding my own business.
    I wouldn't give them a reaction and they would continue to fuck with me. I was more mature so I didn't play their stupid games or try to fight anyone. I simply distanced myself until they withered away and fell out of my life.
    I can say I am better for it. They are still up to their old ways, stuck in their old cycle except now they have to choose one of their own to fuck with because they don't have me any more.

    In these types of groups someone always has to be the one taking the most shit. Find some more mature people, who dig the same things you dig and you can really vibe and chill with.
  15. Of course its because you let them lol.
  16. Turn one of them into the punching bag lol. Just pick the one you like the least to rag on. It's not that hard, and if you feel bad after, buy some testosterone or something, that shit will make you a mean mofo/
  17. You're an adult now, in university, so If you don't like these guys' vibe, then find a new group of friends.

    University isn't like high school, it no longer matters what group you spend time with. Do your work, get good grades, and in between, find some people that are easy to be around.
  18. why not just hang out with different people? sometimes its easier to just get new friends then it is to get others to change. Theres really no need to try and convince some jack asses to not disrespect you when there are thousands of other people who wont even come at you like that in the first place, and the latter group will turn out to be better friends in the long run as well.
  19. they sound like dicks, and lol at the strangling thing i remember i did that to this kid once in high school that was kind of in your position, he was this awkward asian kid that didnt even blaze but hung out with people that did so we kind of picked on him a little. once i went behind him and put a piece of string around his neck and was just like WHAT NOW JAUNRU AHHH and he kinda freaked a bit. i feel bad though now looking back
  20. They are having fun at your expence and continue cos they get away with it. Bro, grow a pair and stand up for yourself or shit will get worse. Or just dont fucking chill with them again, they aint your mates.

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