Whose Going to Bonnaroo?

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  1. Whats up everyone, i was just wondering if any fellow blades are going to bonnaroo this summer. If so, what are some bands you really wanna see, and what else is there to get into at the grounds of the concert? Ive never been and im really excited, so if youve been give a little info on whats to come.

    Happy Toking :smoke:
  2. I'm going this summer with three of my friends. We're heading down there from Maryland. It's gonna be one long fucking blunt ride :smoking: I couldn't even think of which band or artist I'm most excited to see. They're all going to be awesome. This is my first time going as well and I'm the most excited I've ever been about anything. Austin, have you been looking at the site? That's where all the info is about the other tents (there's a ton of shit to do besides watch any actual music) and they recently put up the schedules for the performances.

    For anyone else who'd like to look, Bonnaroo

    So who else is all going?? I propose all us blades meet up and share our goods! :bongin:
  3. Thanks for the info think. Yeah ive been looking around on the site, i just made my bands to see schedule this morning lol I wanna see Circa Survive the most probably though, ive never seeen them and theyre one of my favorite bands, and seeing them at bonnaroo will be even better. Me and 5 of my friends are headed there from WV.

    Agreed, all blades going should chill and share our goodies. Were bringing hash and cookies :)
  4. i have plans to go, i am most excited about Jeff Beck and Les Claypool.
    also, i live like 45min away from Manchester which is good
  5. i was thinking about going to bonnaroo, but i decided to go to lollapalooza with my friend because he has an aunt that lives down there.
  6. I'm excited to see Conan O'brian, Doug Benson, Kid Cudi, Wale, Kings of Leon, LB Smoove (he's the fuckin man) and just about every other artist who's going to be there. I was thinking of bringing my bong, but then I found out that vehicles are subject to searches. Probably wouldn't be worth it anyways if it got stolen or something. I'm definitely going to be checking out the Silent Disco tent and all the art gallery tents.

    Kersplash, you are lucky. I have to drive in a little volvo for 11 hours. I wonder how much weed do four people need for 22 hours of traveling and 96 hours of fun. I think the answer is A LOT.
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    i would go with a shit load, yes
  8. I'll be going with the lady friend this year... going to be about a 3 hour drive for us.
    Anyone coming up from middle GA that wants to have a road trip?
  9. i'll be there

    lookin forward to Thievery Corp, Damien & Nas, Jimmy Cliff, Rise Against, Black Keys, Flaming Lips, Tenacious D, Stevie Wonder, Les Claypool, Jeff Beck, Umphrey's, Medeski Martin & Wood, Jay Electronica ... & more

    for real the line-up is doooope. i can't fuckin wait. i'm not lookin forward to some of the tough decisions i'm prolly gonna be faced with though...
  10. Ill be going for the 3rd time. Looking forward to LCD sound system, flaming lips, Les Claypool, Disco Biscuits, Black Keys, Umphree's. Its a pretty sick lineup in my opinion. I would suggest not smoking in the car when your close to roo as the 5 0 profile once you get near.
  11. yeah i read about that. cops will pull anyone over that is going like 1 mile over the speed limit. and they will profile cars as well. so yeah no toking close to the place for sure haha more for later right :smoke:
  12. well shit... 1mph over?
    i'm rollin into this bitch on cruise control! lol

  13. yeah man no shit. this girl i work with, her bf went in 07 and he said they got pulled over and the cop actually told them the reason he pulled them over was for going 1 over. like seriously, wtf lol
  14. What's the plan for everyone arriving the night BEFORE bonnaroo? I saw on the message boards that there's a 24/7 walmart nearby where people stock up on supplies and it's a big tailgate party all night. Then everyone heads off. Can anyone confirm this?
  15. ^^ yes, gets crazy...check out inforoo.com for all things bonnaroo...all things.
  16. I would suggest no entering the grounds Wednesday night. Its an unadvertised thing but you can still get in lat wed. If you have and RV its cool to come in wednesday but you will get a shitty spot if your car camping. We took an RV last year and got in Wednesday but the rv spots are never very far even though we were in the farthest one.

    I also recommend inforoo for all your questions the folks over there are chill but don't explicitly mention drugs (weed is called Corn there).
  17. This year is going to be my first year at Bonnaroo too. :hello:
    Definitely think the whole meeting of fellow blades and having a serious toke session is a good idea.

    Oh and if you guys are wondering what to bring this guide seems untouchable. Bonnaroo survival guide
  18. I went last year, but the line-up this year is soooo much better. On the way down we got stuck on a highway for 2 hours because a tractor-trailer split in half. Almost everyone that got stuck was headed to bonnaroo and it was like a giant tail-gate party. Definitely the best traffic jam I've ever been in.
    To all the blades going out for the first time, just bear in mind that when it rains in TN it doesn't fuck around. There is no drizzling, only torrential down-pours. Make sure your shit is water-proof.
    Also, don't ever go see Bruce Springsteen on shrooms.
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    5 of my friends are coming up from Columbus, they are meeting me and 5 others up here in Atlanta, and from here we are going in a convoy.

    We are actually leaving wednesday night and staying at my cabin on the tenn border so we can get a head start and beat atl a.m. traffic.

    thanks for the corn tip, I was wondering what to call it.

    You need to check out Disco Biscuits late night session. 2:30 - 5:00 a.m i believe on Sat.


  20. They are touchy about any drug talk at all...a.k.a 'druqs'....I was kicked off before for talking about women just need to stash their weed up in their underwear, they dont search your crotch...there was no warning or anything..I just resigned up with another name, but I wasnt to into being on the board too much after that. Also, it's no PT, people on there are chill to a certain extent, but there are some whiny ass bitches too. 'Cursing' is frowned upon, if you type in 'bitch' for example, it changes to 'Ann Coulter' which is funny, but damn...a little cheesy to not just say what you mean. There's definitely a huge amount of info for roo goers...esp about what to take, etc...Dont expect to go in and ask where the shakedown's gonna be, or who'll be bringing what. Think there's been some threads on shakedown, but no specifics talked about. If you just walk around, you'll find the shakedown....it becomes pretty apparent.

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