Who's your football team?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Im soooooooooooooo lovin life right now!!! Football has started and I am exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcited!!

    just wondering if we have any die hard fans of football out there. gotta love it when the guys get CREAMED.

    anyway, all I wanna say is Go Eagles! and Ill tell you I am *impressed* with the Houston Texans. I will be watching them!! I think they're gonna be a sweet team to watch.

    ah! chills! I love football!!

    did I mention, football has started?!?!? and IM LOVIN IT.
  2. Well i'm not a big football fan, but theres a steelers game on tonight and i'm watchin it. Because the steelers are the SHIT.
  3. sorry..im not a big pro football kinda guy..its all college football...fooz....foozfooozfooooozball...
  4. Titans won their first game. The injured list was getting bigger by the play. Hell if they had to play another quarter they may have had to forfit the damn game! Buncha pussies damnit!!!!!!!
  5. Tampa Bay, but they damn lost the other nite in OT, them and Green Bay always and forever!
  6. I guess i take back my last post..I like watching the rams...they were my grandpa's favorite team and I always remember how he used to yell at the tv when they used to play in LA...chris miller, one of the quarter backs a few years back lived across the street from me and my grandpa would always go apeshit whenever he came up to visit...good times...too bad they moved to st louis
  7. im a giants fan.......but this year i have my eyes on the jets.......i really think they have a team that can make it to the superbowl.........as far as teh steelers game tonight.......what happened????
  8. wow. first person i know that has it between the GIANTS and JETS. i always hear one or the other.
    lol, as far as tonight, well pitts couldnt pull it together...i mean not for nothing, but patriots you gotta love whats coming to them.
  9. it's all about the DOLPHINS! with Ricky Williams on our side now were gonna swim away with that shit this year. No doubt!
  10. I was a football fan for like 2 years when I was little and back then I liked the cowboys and then I liked green bay....Only becuz they had those cheese hat things though...I actually bought one of those.
  11. Pro-Football...you gotta love it...

    I have always been a Packers fan...ALWAYS...and I still love them...but I have followed Ricky Williams since he was a Longhorn so I'm in with the FINS!!!!!!!
  12. oh god do i ever. lol do im probably gonna post ever time someone else posts in this thread...or ill just keep it alive myself until i get a scorn kinda look but maaaaaaaaaan. LET me just say, Next MONDAY night EAGLES v. REDSKINS. game of the season. cant wait. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO EAGLES. yes.[​IMG]
  13. I HATE THE COWBOYS, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. YES ZIA!!! nails the head to the body of a donkey dallas thong ass. dallas, *does* in fact, suck. and sometimes I think, man yes, I could hate dallas more than liking the eagles...
    lol this is horrible...but emmit is close to breaking that rushing record...I wouldnt mind seeing some good dallas injuries...hehe. football good.[​IMG]
  15. If you hate the Cowboys, then you are a friend of mine! Living where I do you get them rammed up your ass all the time. And the "America's Team" shit and "Why does Texas Stadium have a hole in the roof? So God can watch the Cowboys play." To which I always respond "More like God's urinal!"

    It was truly fun watching that expensive face lift of Jerry Jones start to sag in 4th qtr. the other night was'nt it?


    Been a die hard Chiefs fan forever. Sure was glad that dumbass for Cleveland helped us out the other day!

    It sure is nice to finally see some offense. Now if we just had Derrick Thomas back to help the defense. God I still can't believe he's gone!:(

    WHOOOOHOOOOO! I got tickets to go see them play the Raiders at Arrowhead on Oct. 27th! I can't freekin wait!
  16. Yeah that steelers game blew ass, i feel like a dick for saying they where the shit, lol. Umm i do like the steelers though, i'll always be a fan of them, but they didn't even really try on that game, like right after the first few plays they gave up, or maybe they gave up in practice. Anyways, i really hope the rest of the season isn't as shady as that game was.
  17. Team to watch(I hope..) more balanced so far.

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  18. i gonna have to say...LOL at that...
    i never did have anything against the broncs. esp. now.
    toke on....both of yeah's!;)
  19. I say go Eagles as well. They look good. Denvers' gonna stomp on Buffalo Sun....

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