Who's your favorite person to toke with +story

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. So i got this thread idea after doing my usual routine, I live with my grandma shes basically like a roomate we split the bills and shes mad chill about weed cause when my dad was younger she used to let him smoke in the house etc. So everyday around 3:00 i blaze and then go sit and watch tv with her.

    WELL let me give you some backstory on her, My grandma is a little 5'3 sicilian lady. shes 86 years old has been smoking cigerettes since she was 15 and can still run laps around my ass shes always so funny and cool. BUT

    back to the story so im sitting with her watching tv and between the show were watching when commercials comes on she turns on the home shopping network. On the home shopping network they're selling these purses that say DB on them for like 200 dollars. and me being blazed i'm like damn thats alot of money i could get madd ganj for that money right. and she goes "yah thats expensive the DB must stand for DUMB BITCH" I died laughing.

    so who is your favorite person to either toke with,or just chill with while your blitzed and also add a nice story of your time with this person.:smoke:
  2. that sounds like a really cool person to chill with haha, i dont really have a "toking buddy" a lot of my friends are bitches about smoking weed, they treat it like were doin acid or something, like its a really big deal, but im still looking for that one person who i love to toke with....

    on second though i used to have one, but hes been clean for a few months now because hes about to head into the marines.

  3. i have some friends like that i hate em'
  4. Damn... I really dont know. But my friend and I smoked everyday this past summer at night. We would do it in the middle of the woods too, it was badass. For a couple weeks we went out by the lake and would sit on the beach type area and just watch the stars reflect onto the water and listen to ICP... The walk back through the woods was always pretty trippy. I don't really have a favorite person though.
  5. One time at a wedding reception I smoked with a family friend, a 60 year old man who is an actor/writer/inventor. Definitely the most interesting person I've ever known, someone you could have really deep insightful conversation with. And this guy could talk for hours on end without stopping and never bore you. Smoked me out on some northern lights, probably the best high I've ever had.

    I wish I could post his name, you guys could google him but sadly I can't do that.
  6. My dad is my favorite person to toke up with. He quit for a couple months for the end of his probation from when he got popped with 71 plants, but he'll be tokin up with me again soon.

    I also enjoy toking up and then chilling with my younger sister. Kids have the most creative minds I swear.
  7. Definatly.
  8. the girlfriend... she has boobs

    buddy of mine named phil. I met him through a friend a couple of years ago... and we've basically (minus this summer when he moved home) smoked everyday since then... he's in philosophy at school, so we have some interesting discussions
  9. Haha little old sicilian ladies rule dude. I grew up in Rome, I'd love to burn a fatty and talk to your granny hihi ^^

    For me.. it's myself.
    I barely have any real friends anymore, and I particularly enjoy smoking by myself.
  10. I can't say i favor 1 person to smoke with. Every one is different in the smoke cirle, and thats good.

    i REALLLLY like smoking alone.

  11. haha come on over she'll cook you the meanest homeade pizza you've ever eaten probably the best munchie to.

    and i know exactly what you mean i dont really have many friends anymore either only time i smoke with someone is when my older brother comes around from upstate new york. Cool to see someone else would prefer smoking alone and is sort of like me in that way.

    EDIT:nice quote in your sig. eleanor is the shit!!
  12. Italian pizza is the dizzank.. I've had REAL pizza, unlike most of the people that think DiGiorno or PizzaHut are pizza.. I'd love to try hers, everyone's is different.. :smoking:
  13. i know this is going to sound very average or common but my best friend Beau . hes so fucking funny and cool to chill with

    also my friend andrew from work he used to work in meat but i moved . he was the last person i blazed with before i moved. hes so fucking funny tho. so many chicken farm jokes.
  14. I like smoking with my friends--three different ones--who live in the same neighborhood because we all can roll. No matter whose turn it is to skin up a fattie jay or blunt, it's easy to relax and know that it's going to come out prime.

    I also like taking bong rips with my buddy from college who always has a trippy movie around to watch after we're done.
  15. my bro would be mine. duke is mad chill and he can hold his own. we pitch in on Oz's too. nothing but fun times wen we watch sports while hitting the bong. cant wait for Bball season to start
  16. stoner grandmas are awesome.
  17. my two toking buddies left me :( One joined the army reserves and is in a 3 month long class out of state for training and when he gets back he'll toke with me again, but my other friend bounced to the marines last sunday :( And he would come over and toke with me every day, sometimes more than once. We'd always put our money together and buy a big ammount mids and store it at my crib and then i'd take the other half of the money i'd normally buy a normal amount of mid with and buy reg to smoke while he wasnt around. It worked out nice. I miss that shit though, 5 more years untill we can smoke together. But we we're best friends before the bud, and we're still best friends after the bud ya know?'

    But i smoke alone, or with my dad/mom
  18. i love to toke with all my good friends. i love em all

  19. amen. I'm trying to convince her to get medicinal marijuana or try alittle bit of mine.

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