Who's watching Alabama vs. ND

Discussion in 'General' started by DreamAwake, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I got four 24 oz cans of steele reserve and $20 on alabama to cover -9.5 on freesportsbet.com (sick site u start off with $1 and build up a balance before withdrawing)

    I don't love college football but I like watching the championship

    anyone else getting high/drunk to this game?

  2. Bama 23-16 jus watch boys bouta be a good one! Yeldon will run wild
  3. ND looked really overmatched on that drive. Not sure about it being a good one. ND's best chance was keeping it low scoring, doesn't look like they're gonna stop bama so far.
  4. lol this is gonna be a route
  5. Still plenty of game left but it's hard to break through an O line like 'Bama's
  6. Wow this is too much lol

  7. Gonna be overturned, but Bama's D is just too good for ND to compete with if they can't get stops.

    I'm glad though cuz I got money on this and don't really like ND lol
  8. Damn I would like to meet that grounds keeper
  9. as an auburn fan maybe now people will start to see bama's cheating ass ways..those refs are bought and paid for and you wont see ONE holding call on them all game.
  10. Hahahah^^^ don't be mad cause Auburn sucked since Newton left

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