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Discussion in 'General' started by Livingalife, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I'm just chilling drinking some Jack and Dr. Pepper. I know right? Dr. Pepper way better than coca cola for a mixer! Try it sometime. Esepcailly dr. pepper and capt morgan private stock. Good stuff. so who's uP?
  2. i am up but thinking about crashing. been on here since 2 this afternoon lol
    pretty chill day lol
  3. Captain Morgan is the shiiiiiiiiit. I'll drink that shit all dayyyyy :D But yeh im about to crash
  4. Captain Morgan Coconut and Mountain Dew.. JD a Dr definately, Jagger and DR, Or Jagger and redbull... But yea long day about to plug in a movie and crash.. Wifies already been down for a few hours..
  5. I am.
    Dealing with my mother who's hysterical because my drunken brother stole her car and he hasn't answered his phone or come back.

    I want to smoke a bowl but I can't in the midst of this bullshit.
  6. Sounds like you need to smoke a bowl though.. I would,,If mom's is the reason for not tell her you just need some fresh air and step out for a second..Hell,, maybe she needs a few tokes to.. Hope your bros ok and her car is to..
  7. its one here and im stoned.

    aint gonna sleep for a little bit, keep smokin and eating .
  8. Rum and coke is in my system right now.

    I'm pretty chill.
  9. Jack Daniel's?


    Try some bourbon next time. It'll never do you wrong, and it won't taste like charcoal.
  10. Last night was the first night in years ive fallen asleep before 3 am.
  11. thanks man.I ended up smoking, yeah, watching an illegally downloaded copy of Pineapple Express that my friend brought over..lol.but my brother never returned with our car.

  12. Damn girl, that fuckin bro of yours.
  13. yeah, he still ain't back, haven't heard a goddamn thing from him or the friends he was with.we called the parents of the friends and they haven't heard anything either.my mom called the cops and the cops put out a search/lookout but only in this county.

  14. Wow im sorry girl,

    Most likely you're brother will be back with the car fine,

    I don't get how some people can act that way and not think about how fucked up they are
  15. yeahh.let's hope so.

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