Who's the most random person you've smoked with?

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  1. So i had my last final today and couldnt wait to toke up for the first time this week. I get home and there are like 40 cars in my driveway, basically just a ton of cleaning people. So im like fuck i guess i cant smoke in my room now cause that could possibly turn out bad so i go up to my room grab my bubbler, some water, and a lighter and head out to my pool. I figure ill go out to the pool cause its down a path from my house and is surrounded by shoulder high bushes so if your sitting down nobody can really see you. I pack a bowl and take a couple hits when i hear somebody walking towards the pool. I start to panic cause i think maybe my mom got home and somebody told her they saw me go out here. So i start to try and hide my shit when i see that its the 23 year old pool boy here to clean the pool. So he comes in and im like "you caught me" but he said he didnt care so i kept on smoking. I took a few more hits then said, "this job looks boring as fuck, wanna smoke a bowl or two with me?" The look in his eyes when i said this was indescribable, he looked like a kid on christmas it was fucking hilarious he was so excited. Thusly we proceeded to smoke a couple bowls out of my bubbler and i went on with my day.

    Just thought this was really funny and random so i felt like sharing.

    If anybody else has a funny story like this where you smoked with somebody completely random share it here:smoking:
  2. smoked with a kid who i thought would never touch the stuff... all in the woods behind school too which was kinda creepy
  3. Picked up a hitch hiker once who had a big ol chunk of Hash....:smoking:
  4. my banker, he picked up at shifts where i worked and we got to talkin, then he asked if i wanted to burn one after work. it was great cause i only had a bowl or two left, went cruising around in his mercedes buring.

    these two haggard ass punk chicks, both were well mingers, probably the nicest way to put it. one had longer leg and arm pit hair then i did on my head. buddy and i had gone down to one of our regular chill spots, they were there but i wanted to burn so sat down chilled, smoked them up and they gave us a couple beers. and invited us to a party the next night where i had some of the best beer ive ever had, just didnt find out what it was.
  5. I was walkin down the street rollin a ciggy when this dude in raggedy ass clothes walks up to me and asks if he can roll a cigg. I said sure.

    About 5 minutes later we were puffin on a nice joint at a park across the road. He was a homeless dude from NYC, all the way here in New Zealand. He had some fuckin interesting stories to tell. he gave me this cool as jacket, too. Man I miss that dude, he had a lot to say
  6. an ex coke addict/dominatrix girl. :eek:
    she scared me.
  7. i guess we didn't really smoke together like one on one, but it was this student teacher that was in my calc class when i was a senior. i saw her at a party like last year, there was like 5 of us smokin a blunt on the couch, then someone got up and it hit me who she was. she was like oh shit! and i'm like yeah bitch. i know your life now. she was a little bitch to me so i put a nasty m&m i found in the couch in her shot right before she took it. it's the only thing i could find.
  8. Not really all that random, but - I took a year off after high school and moved out on my own into a house with 4 others. We threw a lot of parties that year. One time, we had a few people over and we were just chillin. We were expecting someone else to stop by, and when they showed up, he had someone else with him.. this kid I went to school with in 3rd grade.
  9. I was at the park and there was this random wall (it's seriously just a brick wall in the grass with no purpose) that we used to smoke behind. So we're back there getting ready to spark up the blunt, and some random drunk guy comes where we're at and starts to take a piss on the other side of the wall. While he's pissing he asks for a hit, then he comes around the wall when he's finished and we start smoking with him. After talking with him we realize that we knew each other from elementary school.
  10. We ordered pizza late at night and the delivery man was a kid probly eighteen or nineteen, and you could just tell he smoked. He commented on the bong on the table (hmm) so we offered him a hit and he took it.

    Another time we had to deal with this crazy greek locksmith guy, probably 30 or so. He came by like 3 days in a row and each day we had some sort of paraphanalia around, so the last day he asked about that shit, and someone wound up selling him an eighth for a discount on our lock installation. Pretty hilarious.
  11. ahh man this thread is tlike the perfect thread for me man i mean shit i have smoked with soooooo many different people out in hollywwood that i didnt even know but i see them come and go everytime its just i forget A LOT of names
    This happened like this month i think well me and my Homie Art i meet him after school and shit we had our boards ready to skate but i wanted to smoke so my other homie river was goin to his pad b/c of his dad and shit so Theres these 2 skater chicks taht dont smoke but we all decide to go to the skate park we came unprepared man no lighter nothing to smoke out of but 20$ on bud so after the chicks left and such we pick up a nice dub went back to the skate park to think things thru this 1 foo came up to us for a cig and we just said nah we dont got any but my homies like fuck can you buy us a blunt so he buys us 1 we smoke him out and shit and w/e then we deciede to go home but then this other guy is like hey if you got something to roll with ill smoke you two out since we seen you smoke a blunt and this guy had a lot of weed man i think we didnt go home till like 3 in the morning just hangin out with that guy and his homies

    Another 1 is when i had a good dime on me enough to roll 1 blunt but again we were flat broke so we are sitting in front of hollywood high just sitting there thinking how can we make a dollar and as we are thinkin this raver lookin guy on a sppeed bike passes by and my homie Art just straight up asks him if he can buy a blunt and we will smoke him out he gets the blunt and all after we rolled it we goo in the nieghborhood and turns out that this guy is a great DJ and he can hook us up with xtc pills 3 for 10 bucks if he go to his show and he said since we were cool and smoked him out he will pay for the entry for our rave wich was like 30$ per head but we were too high to rember were the rave was or what his name was

    I have soooo manny better ones man but i really cant put them all in such good details since i was fucked up on some 40s and/or way too high or on some other shit like E or Ether :smoking: plus too high to type
  12. I am the most random person I have smoked with. :smoking:
  13. Just smoking with some random ass people that I knew from school years and years ago...

    It's pretty crazy when you walk into a party and you meet this old friend from way back in elementary or jr. high and they offer to smoke a bowl with you :smoking:

    & co-workers/bosses
  14. A rich dude. Not just any rich dude, but a judge. Yeppers a judge, this is when I didn't smoke, but ran around dealing and well what do you know we stopped by the judges house to drop off an ounce of shitty weed. lol he sparked up right then and there.
  15. I've smoked with this one kid from one of my classes multiple times.. Neither of us really talk at school, but we always wind up at the same parties and in the same smoking circles hahaha.
  16. a 27 year old dude who referred to himself as neyo (as in the matrix) cuz he wore a long black trench coat. he told us he was clincally insane in the state of new jersey and wen he went to jail for the first time he punched the first biggest black dude he saw. and also cuz he could play spades very well they gave him a pass.

    im almost 100 certain its all bullshit but heyy u said random

    smoked with a girl yesterday who has smoked before but this time round didnt remember what to do wen it came time to rip the blunt lol
  17. The entire Lake Worth High debate team... I saw them at a steak and shake, and they looked really interesting in their suites. (I was high at the time) So I went over and started talking to them. Long story short they ended up at my house listening to Milt Jackson (jazz artist) and smoking outta my roor. They all got BLAZED, and it was all their first time smoking.
  18. Well, not so random now but I smoked with this chick who would later be my girlfriend.

    It's random because she was so anti-smoking because shes all healthy and shit. She smokes with me now though. :)
  19. lots of random people.

    Tons of homeless dudes
    NFL Player(s)
    Used Car Salesman
    Customers at my job
    Friends' Parents

    I really can't make a conclusion on the most random. Maybe I'm just too high tho...
  20. I can't believe I forgot this one.. This was the highlight of my year!

    Nearly half of the NCAA 2008 national championship team. :cool::cool::smoking:


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