Whos the Douchebag?

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  1. Ok so 2 of my friends (Ill just call them A and B) are trying to create an entire rift in my group of friends over a girl.
    This girl is 18 and B and I have known her for a very long, but we just recently started hanging out with her again and she .
    is fucking beautiful.

    A is like a complete player, he has fucked like 43-50 different girls and most of them are complete trashy hoes and he broke every single one of their hearts by cheating. He claims to have only worn a condom 3 times and absolutly refuses to get tested and the girl knows all this so he never really had a chance to begin with. Not to mention he is homeless and a complete moocher with weed and tries to crash in our dorm like everyday.

    Anyways so me, my girl, B, A, and this girl were all chillin in the girls' apartment just tokin up havin a really good time. B and A were both showing interest in the girl, but she was really only interested in B. When me and my girl went to her bedroom, the other 3 went to the only other bedroom. While this girl and B were trying to hook up, A just kind of sat in the room and absolutley refused to leave stating he had no where else to go so the girl just told B they would finish in the morning out of earshot of A. When the girl went to sleep B went out for a smoke cuz he was pissed he had just got cockblocked and when he came back in he found A trying to cuddle with this girl while she sleeps (wtf?) keep in mind that this is only the 2nd time A has met her and B has known her for like 8 years.

    In the morning A was having breakfast with me and my girl when he realized that B and the girl were nowhere to be found. So he keeps asking where she is and my girl finally tells him she is hooking up with B in her room. This kid went charging in there like "WTF do you think your doing with my girlfriend?" right in the middle of their foreplay and he starts declaring his love for her and practically starts crying so they obviously completely stop. He barely even knows this girl and he was just trying a desperate attempt to get with her, but it failed cuz now she wants nothing to do with him or B.

    A's side of the story is that B had no right to try to get with that girl when he loved her and says B is an absolut asshole for trying. B's side of the story is that A should of let it go cuz it was no big deal and should stop being a "selfish cockblocking douchbag".

    So whos the douchebag? They wont drop it and they are trying to get everyone to pick sides and they might even fistfight over. I think A was wrong in the situation for cockblocking him TWICE and that now he is being a moron for trying to fight B over it. Just wanted to get Y'alls opinions on the situation.
  2. A is the complete cockblocking son o a bitch douchebag. Just let it happen A i'm positive if there was another girl in the picture he wouldnt give 2 shits about the girl B was tryin to get with.

  3. Dude thats exactly what i told him and just told me to fuck off and to get off of B's nuts. Hes a total asshole and now hes trying to get B jumped by his trashy methhead friends cuz he says he came inbetween him and the woman he loves. Yet i guarentee he is already trying to fuck another girl and this happened on friday :rolleyes: he needs to grow the fuck up and stop trying to fuck every girl and then get all butthurt when he doesnt have a chance
  4. A is a douche-bag seriously WTF lol
    and I don't blame miss gorgeous for dumping them both.
    the less drama the better for her.
  5. They're all douchebags. It's just a fucking girl. Mostly A, though.

  6. Well B has been saying its no big deal and that he isnt willing to fight over it and he is trying to repair things with the girl and he is actually making progress. Meanwhile A keeps lying to people to turn them against B and try to get them to fight B for him cuz he is such a puss
  7. Wow. If A was my friend, I would just ignore the fuck out of him. Does that dude have any nuts??!!! If one of my friends was about to seal the deal with a broad I would immediately make an awkward exit (to fuck with the friend) but nonetheless an exit so they can continue on. What the fuck is A on?!

  8. Weed mostly and pills he bums off of his other friends :devious:
  9. Sounds like you need to send A packing because he's a fucking waste.
  10. Yea, I'm guessing he's the friend in your group that everyone despises
  11. A is obviously the sex toy in this situation.

    Seems like he's just jealous of B and the girls relationship.

    He's probably use to getting his way with the ladies and when he finally can't get a girl he turned into some immature cry baby
    (as if he wasn't bad enough already).

    I don't even see why A is a friend honestly.

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