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  1. So who has the best, cheapest, fastest, most profitable set-up for someone who is just starting and broke? Figure 4 plants, say "Northern Lights", cuttings at 1 foot tall, what are the best answers for the following? Light (type, wattage, hours on and off) Medium ( type, pot size, additives, temp.) Chemicals (Brand, type, proper setting of amount, how often) Enviroment ( temp, chemicals i.e. co2 etc. , humidity) Growing time, Yield And finally, Typical problems and solutions. We will all appreciate the answers to these, and we can all learn alot real fast. Thank You
  2. Read some guides

    Theres tons! www.overgrow.com for starters has alot of tips. and then theres another site thats on geocities but i forgot the name, some 1 else will have that 1 for u.
  3. i do

    go the the dumpster and get some plastic to hold soil and water. go to the little old ladies garden 4 houses down and dig up some of her soil. get urself a HPS 400w for 250$ and plug it in.
  4. Hey man, $250 is not cheap, and the little ol lady, well she kicked my ass yesterday, I think i'll leave her alone.
  5. Wait till summer and find a good, out of the way spot and do an outdoor grow!

    Then sell some bud to your friends and buy a 400w hps light, got mine for around 250 and you are laughin!
  6. Muchos grassy-ass folks
  7. $250 for a light is if you're getting it from a local hydro store. check out insidesun.com they have 'em on sale for $90 - $110 right now (plus shipping). that is, if you have an address u can use to send it to.
  8. Now that's a good deal. I like it when someone actually looks into something, think twice, work once.

    NOW WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER QUESTIONS. Which one of YOU, Y O U, have the best setup.
  9. well first u said cheapest and best...now u want the best.

    still the answer is i do.

    i get the best seeds. i have plenty of good HPS and CF lights. i have a reverse osmosis filter for water. i have my own mix of ferts. i buy and endless supply of light weight potting soil. no muss no fuss. each month this whole setup costs maybe 30$ a month to run. and i have never, ever had anyone ever tell me ' jeeze froggy ur stuff isnt very good this time'

    go get an HPS and the best of the best strains and that is the best setup...the rest is details.
  10. by the way i went to the link for the hps.

    looks to me that the 430w HPS is 300$. infact that is the exact setup i started with and have only added a better bulb after my first bulb burnt out.

    u can get a 400+w light for 90$, buy 70 of them and sell em online for 200$ :)
  11. ey cola chinga, OK people, take another hit, exhale, now, there is an actual circumstance going on here. A number of plants. size of plants, (not wondering if they'll bump a light) ( I got the light part down now, at least the price part of it) , but MEDIUM, not price, catagory!!! Tell me about your systems, or what you would use ( of ALL catagorys) if you didn't have much money. Yes, can upgrade a little after harvest, but to get there,
    What would you do ? HELLO, HELLO, READY,

  12. use the search button man. look at what other people have done.
  13. Either you people don't see the excitement in competition, or you're just stoned. It's easy to be a smartass and avoid a question, I do it all the time, but if you would just submit your techniques for this situation, other newbies could find it in one place, instead of "searching". That's alright folks.
  14. i just don't see it as a cometition.........if you wanted that, theres lots of info about the cannabis cup on the net..........but even that is not judged over set-ups but over quality.......Peace out..........Sid
  15. if you would just submit your techniques for this situation, other newbies could find it in one place, instead of "searching". That's alright folks,
  16. everyone has there own tech, bits and pieces taken from other peoples grows, and form there own. you need to read. there is simply too much information to type about what youre asking for. but, ill start you off from seed to 2 week of veg.

    germinate your seeds. once the tap root has emerged. insert tap root down into the soil. wait a couple of days. make sure soil is moist and not saturated. when the seedling pops, turn on your lights. in this situation, i would go with 4 48in type floro lights, 40 watts. ballast are not included, but are cheap enough. this will give you 160 watts for vegn. you can keep your seedlings almost on top of these without having to worry about heat issues or burning your seedling. id stay 24/0 for 2 weeks, and then switch the lights to 18/6 for the remainder time period of your choosing until you flower. during this vegetive time period, you can buy your nutes, but they are not much needed until 3-4th week. you need something high in nitrogen, so a fert thats (example) 30-15-30, 2-1-1 etc, the first number being larger than the middle. all this for about 30 bucks. use 1 gallons, transplant to 3 for flowering
  17. just use whatever fluos u can (as much as possible) put you plants under them, get a cheap timer to get the lights to be on/off 24/7 and water them when u see the soil is dry.

    pretty simple, now read guides, a few of em, when u have the main idea of how the growing goes, ask specific questions.


  18. Have a look at the new 'Grandpa's Gow Guide' It's in this forum.

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