Who's on Probabtion?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ryan16626, May 16, 2010.

  1. well, I got busted with bud and got a possesion charge... I will probably be able to get this defered but I am sure I will end up on probation or some shit :( Tell me how many of you blades are on probation and how bad is it? Fuckkk
  2. i just got off probation.. like 10 months. it sucks. how much did you get caught with? i dont know seattle laws, but im in the south and they're hard on bud charges. i failed a few tests, too. it shoulda been expunged but i failed my last one.. for no reason.. i hadnt smoked for 2 months and i failed for weed.

    i was supposed to be on for like 3 months or somethin but it was some bullshit. it'll all be over though.
  3. dude i got busted at the end of feb but i get off probation in july so its not that much farther away, oh yeah and i got caught with a brand new quarter of hindu kush, it was dank as fuck, at first i was only mad that they took my weed
  4. I got charged with possesion under 40 grams. They took my bong, pipes, grinder all the shit but I cooperated and they only charged me with the possesion. They could have charged me for MIP too but they just made me pour all my beer out..

    Im in the dorms so I lost rights. My girl had the bud on her and they found it but I claimed it as mine which it was since I would never want to get my girl in trouble.. I had a room full of shit so there was no sense for her to get fucked too.. Gay how shit happens..

    It all started as a domestic disturbance because we were arguing but then it turned into a mess really fast because she busted my weed container on the floor in my room making the room absolutly reek due to my dank and the cops showed up 5 mins later. So gay
  5. I am on probation in 2 different counties right now. It could of been 3 different counties, except the 3rd one just put me in jail for 10 days (got out in like 8 though). OMG. It sucks. I get off on June 3rd though for the strict county that drug tests me!! WoOoOoO!!! I am pumped about that!! The other county just doesn't want me in any more trouble and wants my $$$. But I have smoked here and there for sure. Just got to be ready if they come calling. I usually have plan A-Substitution and plan B-major dilution in case they watch(which they usually don't).

    But yea...shit sucks. Can't wait to be done with this bullshit. Best of luck to all the blades dealing with this flawed system.
  6. i got busted december 23 las year..like a month after i turned 18..HAAH funny how shit works liek that right?? anyway they found some random pill in my car and stuck me with a D felony for a Legend Drug..and i got a DUI for weed...

    i get my license taken away for 6 months..
    and i got 3 months house arrest this winter...fml..

    but i'll have probation after all that shit..i mean probation sucks..i'd look into gettin this fake pisser thing for you called the Whizzanator or some shit..ive heard they work..the concept is pretty much this fake strap on dick thing that you put someones clean piss in..idk..sounds crazy but you'd be surprised at the shit you'd do so that you could smoke while your on probation haha :rolleyes:

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