Who's more attractive, Eva Mendes or Jessica Alba?

Discussion in 'General' started by OGKushBlazer, May 4, 2011.

  1. Natalie Portman
  2. Jessica Alba, explain? No contest.

  3. i'm not a big fan of either.
  4. With or without 90% being photoshopped?
  5. Both of them....

    At the same time...
  6. Eva exudes more sensuality, and also doesn't want to
    get married...read that recently. She's DTF and have fun
    I guess. So she should be the clear winner. No babies,
    no marriage, no attachments, just fun. LOL.

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    This man is correct!!
  8. Alba... by a long shot.

    Mendes is kind of nasty looking and she's huge, is why.
  9. I think it's funny how Alba denies her Mexican roots when she looks hispanic lol girlyouaintwhite.

    I agree with Eva being sensual. I'd like to hang out with her.
  10. ^ knows whats up. Alba may look conventionally hotter but overall Mendes is a much sexier package.
  11. I'd fuck them both and thank God at the same time.
  12. Jessica Alba. Because Eva Mendes' mouth looks like it had too many fat dicks in it.
    jus' sayin'...
  13. Jessica's face is quite superior in beauty, good sir
  14. they had too many sex
  15. Eva Mendes, cause I prefer women to girls.

    And that mole is fucking hot :p
  16. Both at the same time, I mean wait what I have to choice who's more attractive!?!? MADNESS!
  17. Eva Mendes, jessica alba is too skinny
  18. must go fap......er......decide. ya,decide.:p

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