Who's had the most successful virgin grow with bagseed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OneDayJD, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Just out of curiosity...you always hear stories about people talking about how shitty their first grow was, what went wrong, etc. However, I'd love to hear some success stories of people who had a great (or pretty good, at least) FIRST experience growing, using bagseed. I say using bagseed because let's face it, it's probably more difficult when you don't know what you're growing. How successful was it? How much did she yield? High as giraffe pussy? Cheers.
  2. yea do not except alot off your first grow unless you have done a ton of reading and maybe have some1 helping you
    first plant i did was some random clone from the club probably bag seed (oaks og?) used all cfls, some regular soil, chopped it early in the end i got about an oz. was an ok smoke. but yea
  3. Im working on my first now and it seems to be coming along great. Will post pics somewhere when I'm done :)
  4. I yielded a bit over 300grams from my first outdoor when I was about 15, it was smokeable.. But that was it. Busy on my first indoor now, already got a ton of problems haha.

    EDIT: And I think it was 2 plants, not sure.. It's a long time ago
  5. My first was great!

    Ended up keeping 3 trees. Two were the same, one was quite different, lots of purple in the flowers etc.

    Once I chopped/cured/trimmed, I had 7 qt mason jars full :)

    Life has been good since and I've started my 2nd!
  6. My first grow was bagseed, shoplights and CFLs. 4 plants to start, 2 were females. SCROGged them and ended up with just under 4 ounces off of the two.
  7. Nicely done. If I get at least an O and it gets me high, I'll be satisfied for my first time.
  8. My first grows are already dead...so no success story here! Mostly its because I used lights that were not well documented on cannabis boards, so I solarized the crap out of 7 plants!
  9. My first time I used cfl then put them in a 400w tent also using bagseed. Started with 6;; cat ate 2 of them. The other 4 all turned out males!

    This time around I have 2 bagseed in flower. They are just starting to swell and get crystals!
  10. My first was 4 plants 3 bag seed a 1 querkle clone i got from a buddy, 1 bag seed was a dude so i kicked him in the nuts and ended up with about an ounce off each. Pretty good smoke if i say so.
  11. I'm on my first right now with some bag seed and I just found out its a girl:hello:I veged it for six weeks and it was about a foot and I know it doubles or even more,so because for lack of space I started flowering it now.It's been 5 days and coming along quite nicley.I know I have stressed it out alot and its been pretty resiliante since i cant really monitor heat and circulation ,but they seem to be stable.So I'm having a blast doing this and been absorbing so much info in the last 6 weeks.It's been positive for me!!


    Great forum!
  12. My first was the only seed from a killer bag. Turned out female and didn't die on me, despite my constant experimenting on it. Yield sucked, like a half oz (I overdried), but boy was it good. Top genetics, she made a great mother plant. So I call that a success!
  13. First grow was amazing. Purple kush bagseed. Main colas fill your hand like coke cans.
    Flowered 8 they coughed up a little over 18oz
    Vegged 3 months then put under 1000w HPS
    it's the grow in my sig. Haven't done the harvest entries as I just finished harvesting last week and this week been hella busy.
    Hard to contain how stoked I am with this little experiment. Lol
  14. 600 hps 10 plants. Pound an a qt. I was stoked. Had a great partner that showed me the way. Led to my first great outdoor summer can't wait for the second
  15. My first grow was bag seed from some pretty decent mids. I had no idea what I was doing, I threw 10 germinated seeds into a paint bucket and stuck a reading lamp above it. 2 survived and I was able to transport them and put them in a better growing environment half way through their grow. Despite a few problems like stem stretch and root rot I had some decent buds ad got about an ounce or a little more off of both plants. It's funny because my second grow, where I tried to do everything by the book failed miserably.
  16. First grow I tried was hydro and had vegged for 4months 1 plant about 4 feet really bushy but ended up having root lock in the 12 ounce screen cup filled with river rocks and potting soil on top the roots clogged the cup completely and drowned but I will tell you from experience using soil, use seabird guano on a nuteless soil or one that has low nutes for like a month it will work wonders in veg 2 bagseed plants are huge for two weeks 24/0 veg with mg pot soil and the guano only and I know this because they only get 1 26w cfl always 3in from the new growth of each. Ain't only 1750 lumens

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