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Whos gonna sign up for this!??

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by MysteryRoach69, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. One-way, hell no.

  2. I'm game. I've always wanted to meet Marvin the Martian.

  3. it depends do they throw in a life time supply of Mars OG kush for the ride?
  4. Lol a suicide mission sounds fun
  5. I have a feeling that they're going to lose the funding before they even launch. Probably start a reality TV show of the training and if it doesn't get enough attention they'll scrap the plan.
  6. Depends on how many people I'm going with to be honest.

    I mean.. less than 5,000 and I'd probably end up hating everyone there before we even landed.

    But I'd go, especially if I wasn't on the first wave of ships and didn't have to set everything up. Being one of the first people in history to set foot on a new planet, to be a pioneer, "blaze" a trail through space, do science experiments, and on top of all that, zero G titties and space sex?
  7. I'm considering actually signing up.

    Though it would really depend on the people i'm with. And if theres no good looking women then fuck it, I'd rather stay on Earth and get laid then have to fuck ugly chicks so we could re-populate. But then again, space weed man. I could be the man who make marijuana an accetable and mabye in a few genrations the traditional smoking material on mars. Imagine, a whole stoner society on mars......
  8. "I wanna be the first guy to discover a new alien life form...then fuck it. People will be like, there he goes, homeboy fucked a martian once.."
  9. Snooki will be a cast member.:laughing:
  10. Decisions made by these few during the early years of life on Mars will determine what is to become of the Planet throughout its history in the grand scheme of human existence.

    One decision can influence decades and well, everything.

    If not for the Marijuana tax act in 1937, is it fair to say the 70's would have never existed like they had? How did the 70's effect the 80's? etc.

    Reeling back the timeline even further, what if 13th Century Arab traders didnt bring Cannabis to Africa?

    Noone knows how todays decision will impact tomorrow. Hopefully the right people land on Mars.

    As for the ugly chicks.. id like to think theyd feel pressured to have watchable faces on tv if it indeed does turn into reality television.

    Think of the possibilities... Id imagine each person is entitled to a piece of land. What would the laws be like? I can already see government attempting to control.
  11. *insert Total Recall clip of Arnie screaming until his head pops*
  12. *insert Professor Farnsworth I dont want to live on this planet anymore .gif*
  13. How do I actually sign up? Fuck yes I want to do this. Potentially pave the way to a longer existence for future generations? Get paid a buttload amount to never use? Hello taking care of my parents, friends, and anybody who's really helped me in my life. I would do this in a heartbeat... it honestly feels like my calling, to give back without taking...
  14. I kind of want to do it. Feels like it would honestly be for nothing though since we would probably die before arrival or some random shit. Yet, if it is an accomplishment that happens in my lifetime I would love to be a part of it. Seriously. An entire planet free for the taking (in a way).

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