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who's gonna blaze right now too?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woke 'n toke, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Beautiful sunny day, amazing breeze, perfect temp, about to go sit on my front porch in a comfy chair and get sooooooo high haha. Who's with me!?!
  2. packing a kif bowl right for you bro
  3. sweet man! that's gonna taste so damn good!:smoke:
  4. i got my vb set on 11 o clock, im good, got the phx packed aswell:p
  5. Going to my buddy to take osme bong rips right now..:eek:
  6. I keep packing snappers, and I sit there after loading the bowl going somethings missing...

    Today is kif day for the riddler
    Photo 5.jpg
  7. looks good riddler, ima throw u some rep for that one =P cuz im getting blazed too.
  8. Bout to blaze outta my homemade lung and hit the shower =]
  9. so blitzed right now, about to do the vaporizer half right now hahaaaaa
  10. damn, who just smoked for 420? i had 420 on the cell phone. good hit :)
  11. Man, I drank a couple 32's of some high life :) (the best beer ever) and smoked a doobie. I just got home and i'm checking the forum while I make some lunch :) :) I'll join in this online weed session and puff another doobie for the city.

    Also its only 1:20 where i'm at but i'll puff because its 4:20 somewhere else :D
  12. I woke up at exactly 4:20pm today so I didn't really get to smoke :( plus im outta bud, gotta pick more up today.
  13. just blazed... yeeya
  14. I woke up at 4:18, packed a bowl and missed 4:20...

    Oh well, it's 4:40 now and I'm goin' out to get high high high
  15. I would pack a bowl if i had some bud :(.. No moneys = no bud!

    But I just started my 1st day at my new job, so that'll change :)
  16. just did 2 snaps, a bigger bowl, and now about to go down stairs and burn a J to some TV
  17. i money this week, gotta get my car fixed...
  18. I'm going to smoke one for you right now woke n toke! Snowcap is the strain, zig zags are the game.

  19. im gonna go get high right now...
  20. Bout to pack a bowl....who's with me?

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