Who's coming to Bonnaroo '06?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ///maniac, May 13, 2006.

  1. Thirty minutes away from where I live. So excited, this will be my second year. Hope I can meet some of you people if you decide to go.
  2. i wish i was but i did not have the money for a ticket :(
  3. still on sale. only $186! :cool:
  4. haha fuck that. 186 bucks gets me a LOTTA weed

    or a lotta whatever i want
  5. HELLL YEAH!!!! Dude we are all going to smoke a bowl when I get there man! I'm goin to the 10k lake jam, Moondance Jam, and this big old shindig hell yeah man.
  6. me and my boys have got a big tent, so anyone who wants to come by and match bowls on my buds beaker bottomed ph(X), come on in.

    I'm also on the look out for shrooms. We'll be flying a big ass flag with a blade codeword on it. Come by and chill with us. We'll have some free fruit for all my blade bros
  7. seriously? No ones gonna hang out?
  8. I will be at Roo this year. Im trying to get a hook up for some shrooms, so if i get some i will definately hit up your tent :smoking:. Actually, I might have to drop by no matter what.
  9. Yeah i'm the owner of the PH(X) and you should toltaly drop by and chill.
  10. we're gonna have a shitload of fruit and shit like that, its gonna be wicked fucking awesome.
  11. im gonna be there with a stinky sweet backpack full of love
  12. anyone is welcome to our tent. if ya wanna match bowls on our phx or my hookah we'll go any time.
  13. quit dude. you are making me that much more disappointed in myself that i chose not to go :p
  14. Hey man what is your flag gonna say, it should say I love GC! But i'm fuckin goin i'll stop by and match you bowls man are you guys actually gonna have fruit like kiwi's and stuff cause then im gonna head over to your tent for sure, I think my friends bringin some shrooms and i'm bringin some beer well actualy alot of it but hells yeah!
  15. We're gonna have bannanas, kiwi's, strawberrys, watermellon, and apples. And if anyone wants to hook me up with some shrooms or some grass or beer i'll fry them up some catfish.
  16. dude, ill be comin down, i think, nate talked me into it lol, and i got the hookup on annything anyone should want i could bring
  17. lol shit happens......something always comes up last minute......damn
  18. yup, f that, i cant go because of fing florida haha, sorry man
  19. sad you boys cant come. this kiwi is for you

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