Who's Been Smoking/Growing Longest and Never Been Caught

Discussion in 'General' started by the3rdman, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. I bet there are some old timers here that have been in the game for a long time and never been caught.

    1. How long toking and never been caught?
    2. How long growing and never been caught?
    3. Words of wisdom?
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  2. What do you count as an old timer?? I've been smoking 10 years now & not been caught & I'm 25 lol

    My advice is don't leave the house with any gear just smoke before you go out, that way you can do whatever & not have to worry about being stopped for smoking
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  3. LOL...good advice.
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  4. 1974,tip look at tongue after smoking,if it green eat chips and then go out and drive,ever notice a cop looking at your mouth while talking,this is why.
    also not old just been threw the ringer hahaah
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  5. Not a old timer but I've never been caught, even in my young teen days I never got in trouble, with the police at least. I started smoking when I was 15 and started growing, off and on, at 19. At 22 I started growing full time, I don't even have a dealer anymore, lol. Most people get caught by doing stupid shit, like smoking and driving with a bunch of people in the car. Also, back when I was still buying, I never did like meeting dealers in public. Seemed counter intuitive to opsec. Secluded areas and residential areas are the only places to safely buy product IMO. Then there's also the aspect of transporting it. Personally I use a black magnet box that I stick under my car. No product or paraphernalia rides in the car with me. Searching under the vehicle isn't typically standard search procedure, at least where I'm from. Border patrol does it though, and maybe jurisdictions close to the border. Smell isn't a problem either, the box has a air tight seal (it's a water proof divers box). I do typically wipe down the outside of it with a bleach rag to remove any trace amounts of resin (maybe like, when it got on my fingers and I handled the box or something). Just an extra precaution against K9s. Then I take the box and wipe dirt and mud all over it to get rid of the chemical bleach smell. As far as growing goes it's really simple, just grow indoors where I'm at, don't tell anyone, and you'll be fine.
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  6. 67 , went to jail many time, back then they want they take you, stupid charge, suspicion of narcotics, never caught once for smoking or any other drug offense, incredible, snitched out I was growing by brother in law in the 80’s I had divided my garage in half, built a Sheetrock enclosure, one end flower top end veg. I had just put some huge plants to flower, when my wife said it’s gotta come down , I had built tracks in 2x4’s, I inserted 3/4” sheets of plywood, for front and flower room it was great slide it open go in slam it shut it was perfect. I wasn’t going to loose those plants.

    So I rented a u-haul truck rented a storage unit hauled the plants... alas it was not to be, to much heat I tried building room ahhhh that’s the passion for growing

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  7. Had my first puff on a joint when i was 13 about 20 minutes later went white and went on a Whitey, I thought fuck this never again, Anyway took it up full time when i was 14 nearly 15, I can count on one hand the amount off days I havent smoked lol Ohh yeah I'm 28 now also i got caught off the police when I was 15 with half ounce off "solid" as we call it in the U.K, Started growing this year at 28.
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  8. That's some pretty darn lengths you go to there to conceal your weed from the cops thats a cracking idea, I'm going to look them magnetic boxes up on amazon.
  9. Fuck me solid used to be the go to for every school kid where I live when I first started smoking man, I remember once my mate got a quarter of some older kid & it had chunks of plastic it in :laughing::laughing:

    I started smoking it again for the last 12 months or so now its dried up round here atm so I'm back on the weed lol

    The quality of the solid I get now is 100x better then what was around when I first started lol
  10. Yeah man I used to smoke it in School funnily enough the first time I smoked was at school and it was solid I can remember all the rockys flying allover and burning my school trousers to bits lol To be honest I wouldn't know who to get it off now there used to be loads off people that sell it. Last time had it was April 2015 the last time i was in the dam and it was 100 times better to what i used to get, I can remember burning it a few times and seeing clingfilm in the middle lol, Must off Been what all the 9 bars where wrapped in haha
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  11. It's still knocking around the UK man I met a dealer through a friend & they happened to be selling it so I asked for his number straight up lol

    Aye you get the odd bit of cling film on the outside of the solid still but that's just from the 9 bars being covered in it when it's smuggled over here :laughing::laughing: & it's still cheap as fuck £50 for a half oz bro:smoking:
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  12. I'd love to get the odd bit off it it used to last me fucking ages lol I'm sure if I ask about i could get a bit but honestly i know tons of stoners and I can't name one who still smokes solid lol Everyone smokes bud now though where i am from but weirdly I can remember when everyone used to smoke solid and actually prefer it, This was about 03 I started smoking, 04 was when I sollomly declared to smoke eveyday haha, Haha yeah man you know the score mate it's exactly from when it's smuggled over here. We used to even get fiver bits off solid before school and go in red eyed to fuck, Them are the days.
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  13. Lmao I used to show up to most my classes high as shit stinking of solid:laughing::laughing: I prefer it to weed because I can make eidbles easier + it gets me panned you know how it is :smoking:

    It deffo lasts me longer then weed does since you only need a bong rip n ya flying :laughing::laughing: I'm hoping my dealer sorts something soon or I'll be back on the weed for a while
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  15. Haha class man I miss the smell off it me like take me right back to my teens lol Yeahhhh matey I love the edibles myself i was like a kid in a sweet shop when I went to the dam (I've been twice) and with the truffles to I under estimated the Thai ones I eat a full box to myself and I was obsessed with the colour white for a few hours on my hotel room wall lol But yeah back to edibles there lovely our Lass makes a mean brownie ill be giving her some bud and trim when I take these lady's down in 3 weeks or so lol

  16. Hell yeah man i still haven't been Amsterdam yet man I will go one day, they must have been good if you ate a box & was staring at the wall because it was white :laughing::laughing:

    Sounds like a good plan to me man I was making hash cookies for the pain I get & they had me flying for 4/5 hours :toke:
  17. I'd advise you to go like buddy the choice of smoke to choose from is phenomenal, They where good I've picked liberty caps over here but they aint a patch on the truffles over there lol, Haha thats the one like, What pain do you get like buddy? Do they help with it?
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  18. Sound dope man I have 2 hernias one in my groin & a hiata hernia 1 gives me bad stomach/chest pains because it lets stoamch acid come back up, the other is usually pain in my balls/stomach lol I also can't stand for too long unless I'm real high lol

    It sucks but I'm having surgery at the end of this month for my groin so that should hopefully end the pain I get from that if all goes well mate
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    Ahhh man sounds awful that buddy I feel for you, Still at least the edibles give you some relief, I had to have a endoscopy last year for it I thought it would be a tiny little camera, Next thing I know they are saying swallow and putting a hosepipe down me throat lol Hope your surgery goes well for you buddy.
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  20. Dude I had the camera down me this year.. fuck me it's brutal bro I was sick all on the poor nurse & I pulled the camera out first time it went down lmao, I'm on anti acid meds they changed them 2 days ago because I went & complained I was in pain again :laughing: they do work better but I've been told I won't see any major improvements for a week or so

    Thanks man i should only be in hospital for a day it's the recovery i'm fearing since my dads took him 3 months to get back to normal

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