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*whoomp whoomp whoomp* IS THIS THING ON?! LISTEN UP FUCKERS!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. some cornerside prophets of grasscity speak of apocolypse and damnation, i see a clear and reprecussionless solution that will save us all, you see, i will not speak of the problems, for they are truly menial.
    *zones out for a minute*


    emotions all too often make for hasty statements, and in a place where physical confrontation is impossible and the only power we have is text, in a place supercharged with emotion (because this place really fucking is supercharged with emotion, this place is one of the most spiritual places i can come too, this place is one of the most soulful places i can ever imagine to find..the scenery of this place rocks all ass..from the mountains to the beaches to the growrooms..not to mention all the cute faces that we do get to see) its easy to say something hasty. i myself am very guilty of this...this is the most thought out spontaneous mindspill that i have ever had...for whatever reasons i feel that my account of these events might make you better understand how i feel and what im trying to its good rantage...
    i first learned of the problems that had arisen last night, this put me at an unrest seeing as how my internet/grasscity time falls at the end of my day, it gives winds me down to be able to come here and laugh...and make people laugh, but last night no one was i hung around weee into the morning and just read and dwelled on things, conversing with other blades, and it was in fact last night that i decided i would never ever even THINK about making another "im leaving" thread, im attached, i have roots here now, and these roots run deep....and it was right now at 12:22 that i was STUNNED with a GREAT FUCKING SOLUTION..

    i hereby launch my first ever promotional campaign...

    *hits bong and raises curtains*

    i reveal to you the "IGNORE USER" button idea...

    instead of having all the way to the persons profile to block them and their responses, oh, and for those of you that do not know, there is an ignore user button, you have to go to their profile, and in white letters it says add soandso to your ignore list.....if bob has a problem with frank, and bob wants frank banned, but jenny likes frank and doesnt want him banned, then why cant bob just hit the ignore button and jenny can be happy

    so, i say, if its possible put an ignore button

    unless im missing something that would make that not work?



    have the most awesome mother fucking weekend you have ever had, make plans, get blasted and be careful...and come back monday with your fucking stories, I WANT STORIES...

    there better be some fucking stories...i will have some i know.

    would it be too childlike and simpleminded just to ask if everyone could just drop it, get over it, forget about it, under any circumstances ever speak of it again, the mods return to their code green status and with good karma and intent and nothing but positive in mind go and have great weekends and be motivated towards a revival with great stories

    how was that?
  2. simply place a button beside the buddy button, im sure with the good server software this place has, it would be just a few clicks and it would be set.
  3. there were no innocent people that were banned
  4. you cant change the past, but you can educate the people for the future...if the people that complained had utilized the feature, or known about it they wouldnt have needed to complain.

    so now, use the block feature, some inside jokes might seem like bullshit, ive doled out some shit, and sometimes legitimate and genuine things come from my menial wahooing.......let me wahoo, and if you dont like it, block me...if im truly fucking up the rotation, then the mods can kick me in the farking arse like they should.
  5. very good rant indeed.....i don't for see that many problems in the future... everyone tends to follow the rules......

    then again..... i always see the glass half full... :D
  6. Dear Readers (you know who you are),
    I think that 'ignore this asshole' button would be good.
    Just like on PartyPoker. If one of the players is obnoxious and you do not want to read it, you just click on his name and select 'disable chat'. Anything that is chatted from him in the future is not shown in your chatbox.

    I must have come in in the middle of an arguement.
    Users were banned for What?
    Obsenity, Radical Communism, Flagrant stupidity?
    Personal attacks on another user?

    I agree that anyone who verbally/writtenly/wordily abuses another person who is expressing his/her views should be blocked from future use.

    Also, maybe posting the email address of those who are banned will help. Then all those who agree with the banning and really hate the stupid dick that was banned can start spamming his ass into the IBM XT ages....

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  7. You're wise Namron, yoda would be proud.
  8. OK I see where thisa is going.. Not a bad Idea but here is the problem with the way things were..

    Say you make a post to intro yourself.. Why should you have to use the ignore button because people take over your thread with childish BS.. That happened so many times that people would pm me to just delete their thread...

    The comments being made offended people.

    Again I say why use the ignore button when you are in a thread you made?
  9. I agree with critter...every single thing you post shouldn't be meaningless...but every once in awhile...thats more than fine by me..:D
  10. hmm... this button could be a good idea!


    Last night i had about 10 buds over, and a few ladies of course, and i drank a 2/6 of Royal Reserve. I swear im still drunk now. and its 9am... hahahah, i NEED SOME WEED. anyways, this morning i wake up on my couch in my living room, and sort of stumble my way through the house. i drank some root beer (I HAVE to have a carbonated drink in the morning after i drink, i cant drink water juice koolaid, anything, just pop.) and i go into my room, where i found my buddy neil hahah, then i got to my other room, and see someones sleeping in my bed, and i say to myself, is that ross? and then i here a little "yea" hahahah, good stuff. i love that kid.

    and im getting a Quarter pound today! for 300$! Of some fucking RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD BC style homegrown funky ass buds. 75 an ounce!1 Thats amazing. Im gonna smoke SOOOOOOOOOOOO much after i get it. I think im going to box a room with about a half. Mmmmmmmm. cant wait.

    AAAANNDD, a girl told me she loved me last night. mind you this was BEFORE i was pissed off my head. and well, i told her i love her too. havent been this happy for a while. cant wait to see what happens from here...

    hahaha, and im listening to "He's My Brother" by Rightoues Brothers, hahaha, emotional ;)
  11. jagermeifter and dr pepper....i call it witch's brew.
  12. well i think that namron is right, but we have not thought about something that's quite simple, if you go to your friends house to smoke, there's rules, dont to a lot of mess, dont be too noise or shit like that, this is our friend house we where invited and we must follow they rules, if you dont they hold the right to call in the police and fuck us over, but then this is a more warm place than others around the web, so the ignore user is a good idea as far as a solution for annoying users...but there's from annoying to dont ignore the ban solution...

    anyway today i got a perfect math exam and i am so happy
    i smoked some hydro last night that a friend gave me, he bought it in cancun and this shit is cool as hell, life is good, everything is where it should be, love everybody i love myself and i love maria juana!

    peace to y'all!
  13. why would any of that be necesary. its not like these conversations are that big of a deal, why take it uber-seriously? watchoo talkin bout namron?
  14. Doesn't seem too quiet to me. Lot's of swishy broomy noises and what not.

    No reason not to move on though.
  15. I'm almost always staring at the ceiling anyway.
  16. crazy shit.......

    i thing that you need to remember that its time to move on as far as i know they got warnings and then that didnt work so there gone ...........the button is a good idea but this is online..........people need to chill out smoke a fat joint and just have fun "its ok to go HaHaHa to the posts you dont agree with

    namron you rule love your rants keep up the good work

    hmmm a good storie?...

    well i didnt do much as all this weekend sneeked into the movies and seen kill bill and TCM somoked some green got laid...smoked some green ,worked,smoked some green

    went lookimg for a computer still not shure what to go with prob a dell


  17. all i have to say... jager.....redbull.... jager bombs.....

    or suuuuuuuuuuurfers on acid....mmm.mmmmm......m.m.m

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