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  1. Is it just me or does that dude look really stoned.
  2. it depends which dude we're talking about..if you're talking about santa clause then i couldn't agree more!
  3. thats you man....its your reflection off the monitor,,and yes,,you look stoned...lol

  4. almost too stoned....
  5. I think I may have to smoke another and catch up to him...lol...at least it's an excuse to burn another.......lol

  6. haha you guys are right but i meant the guy in the "Real Criminals" post.. I accidentally started a new thread.
  7. [​IMG]

    ..this dude?
  8. OH SHIT! now you went and royally fucked up my head! ok im confused now...is that cornflakes box an integral part of that smoking mechanism?..or is it just there for substance?
  9. its like a giant fucking straw he's using to suck up every last flake on earth..starting with that box
  10. Looks like the new and improved "smoke and munch" bong...lol

  11. Smoking and munching together at last!!!

    finally an answer to the need to get up and get munchies. Now ill never have to leave the coutch!


  12. replace the corn flakes with cheeze its, or oreos, and im good to go :D

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