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whoa i passed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bonermahoner, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. i had recently not been smoking for a long time because i have been receiving multiple random drug tests and hadnt want to risk smoking.

    well this past week i decided to smoke one night. i then smoked the next morning and later in that after noon. the following day i got surprised with a random drug test and was terrified. i said i didnt have to go at the time to stall for a bit and quickly peed wiithout their knowledge. i then ran downstairs chugged two waters and peed once more.

    then i regretingly (sp?) took the test knowing i would fail but possibly not as high of levels and i ended up passing with flying colors. the line was dark and bold red like i had been clean for years.

    i thought it was a miracle and could only explain it that it had significantly helped peeing right before the test. im not quite sure how it was possible but i passed.

    so whenever you have your next drug test that you are sure you will fail try and pee as many times immediatly before the test.

    :) man im so psyched i passed it.

  2. nice dude, but lets not hope everyone will follow your stratagy the day before theirs :p
  3. Why so many tests?
  4. i heard sometimes it takes thc 24 hours to get into ur piss so yea nice
    i once passed a drug test out of no were after smoking 4 bowls outa a bong 2 weeks befoer amazing
  5. sick, nice job dude
  6. lol ill see if this rly works cus i have to drop in a half hour
  7. Hahaha
    u are lucky
  8. waiting for results

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