Who would you rather toke with? Lebron or Kobe?

Discussion in 'General' started by 954, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. So im new to the forum. This is my first post. I thought I start with a convo me and my boys were having early when we had a nice session. Im 100% for Kobe as the better basketball player.... but to toke with.... has to be lebron for sure... What do you think?
  2. Fuck Lebron
    win lose or tie purple and gold til the day I die
  3. Oh and WELCOME TO THE CITY :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
  4. Lebron would probably be a huge dick and go on about how crappy my weed is, then proceed to torch the bowl and probably not even clear his hit.

    Kobe would probably rape my girlfriend when I go to the store for munchies.

    I'd rather smoke with Shaq or Stoudemire, they seem like awesome dudes. I bet Shaq would be a fucking goofball when he's blazed lol
  5. yeah I say shaq as well. Ron Artest would be cool to burn a blunt with also :cool:

    just as long as neither of em try to rap during the session
  6. ^Lol it's probably so hard to hold a lighter with his gigantic gundam hands.

    Unfortunatley I doubt he'd be much a smoker though, he seems pretty devout. lmao he said he's a big fan of gospel music.
  7. Kobe would have some sick stories to tell but I think lebron would bring around a nice crew of ass.
  8. yeah he went to a christian academy school too

    Maybe one day though :smoke:
  9. hell yea im lovin the love shown for the diesel in this thread, i duno if he smokes though...
    id pick kobe over lebron anyday tho for sure...has there been any reports on any of these guys actually puffin?

  10. QFT. Don't care about basketball in the slightest.

    I think I'd like to smoke with Snoop Dogg just because we'd talk about weed nonstop :smoke: And he seems chill as fuck

  11. i found this which i thought was pretty interesting
  12. man in hightimes i read that most NBA players ARE big stoners lol doesnt surprise me at all, id smokeout any NBA player that isnt an asshole....but between kobe an lebron id have to pick kobe...mainly cuz ive read that lebron is an asshole an hes part of illuminati, either way Kobe seems like a chiller dude.
  13. I would want to blaze with Magic Johnson
  14. fuck lebron hes a little pussy ass bitch that took the easy road. he could of been a bigger star than MJ but hes too much of a bitch... haha if you cant tell im from cleveland! soo deff Kobe

  15. Lebron would smoke you... literally.... going to Miami was the without a doubt the best decision he ever made.... there is no income tax in Florida so he gets to keep more money here off his 100 million dollar endorsments then N E one else. Sry you team is taking 5 steps forward and 10 steps back when it comes to winning a championship
  16. Lebron seems like a douche. Kobe.

  17. I've heard shaq is crazy funny
    But stoudemire is a douche from what I've heard

    I'd be down to smoke with Steve Nash, he's chill from what I've heard.
  18. lol all you guys so picky saying you wouldnt smoke with a certain person.

    i would smoke with almost any famous person wether i like them or not (as long as they arent EXTREMELY WACK).

    just to have the story and bragging right of smoking it up with a celeb. cant believe you guys would say no to them:confused:

    would rather blaze with kobe.

    would love to blaze with miley cyrus yaaaa diggg

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