Who will be first?

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  1. The U.S. will not go after North Korea. If an all out war happens with North Korea it will be an ugly war... hundreds of thousands would be killed inititially as Seoul would be devestated. Our troops over there are nothing but a speed bump. But it looks like President Obama is sending a lot of resources off of the coast of Iran. Half of our aircraft carriers will be over there. Lol at the Nobel Peace prize winner

  2. Pakistan, then Iran.
  3. Obama doesn't have the fortitude to take on N.Korea.

    And frankly the treasury doesn't have the money.

    A major problem is that the N.Koreans have some 20,000 artillery pieces that are all within firing distance of Seoul.

    If combat begins, Seoul is wiped out in a matter of minutes, no nuclear device needed.

    Further, it's difficult to say if China signed off on this or not.

    If they did they may be wanting to find out if Obama has balls (he doesn't). If he doesn't respond to N.Korean aggression against S. Korea, then he won't respond to Chinese aggression against Taiwan.

    And China's economy is really starting to struggle, seizing Taiwan would be both a huge moral boost and an economic boost.
  4. Unless something drastic happens, I would be sorely disappointed if we actually do end up going to war with anyone else. Things are starting to get pretty hairy, though. You're free to mock his Nobel Prize when he's building up troops, but if another country happens to be the aggressor it's a different situation.

  5. haah, there's only 5 votes. I dont think America will b attacking anyone..
    If anything someone will b attacking uss, as in Americans. >.<
  6. Under the Bush doctrine we always strike first.
  7. Just because Obama has continued the wars doesn't mean he follows the Bush doctrine at all.
  8. Obama renews the Patriot Act (the worst provisions), he renews contracts with Xe (Blackwater), he expands the Predator Drone program, he assassinates American citizens, he blocks photos of U.S. troops, he denies civilain trials to accused terrorists, etc. Obama doesn't follow the Bush doctrine--no, that's outdated. He follows Bush Doctrine 2.0, and willingly re-inforces the things that Bush did. Everything I listed above was basically off of my poor memory, I'm sure I'm missing something.

    That's the power of propaganda, though, I remember everyone thought Obama was the pot-legalizing anti-war candidate, meanwhile he was backing away from his previous position on pot, and was actively condemning (more like cluing us in) Pakistan. Propaganda isn't as bold as it was in the 30's-50's, it's more psychological now.
  9. I think Korea has a good military that could defeat us, BUT Since they Iran has muslims and other brown people there, then you KNOW the US will blame the war on "Radical Islamists".

  10. Yeah, us whities seem to have moved away from shooting up asians.
  11. North lorea. They/It seems to be more willing to use their WMD's and therefore a greater threat to the region.
  12. America should just nuke north korea and get it over with. They want a war then give it to them. Incase u havent noticed I stop careing about their bullsh!t if they want to keep making threats fine let them make the threats from hell. The world wont miss them. As for the people who the hell cares about them they make the choice to let that fool run their country so they can share in his fate.

  13. Just this shows your limited understanding of the political situation in and around North Korea. It's a one-party dictatorship with an eternal president. The people really have no say in the matter.

    The implications of an attack on North Korea are more likely to cause massive loss of life than an attack on Iran. The North Koreans would destroy Seoul and then we end up with a fucked political situation with China and Japan taking sides... who knows what happens then.

    Plus if America used a nuke as a first strike we'd probably be looking at fucking WWIII.

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