who was more influential in music plz read??

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by the white rhino, Oct 20, 2003.


who was a more influential band on your life

  1. Nirvana

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  2. Sublime

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  3. alice in chains

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  1. i just got into a discussion about who had more affect on the music community and it was a very serious but well debated conversation. So who do u think was a better band with a very sad ending. Nirvana, sublime, alice in chains. I personally went with nirvana because Kurt was a very influential part of my life.
  2. In my life neither of them was very influential...I like songs by all three, but none of them affected my life in anyway...that title is reserved for the Pumpkins.
  3. Where the hell is James Maynard Keenan?!?

    My vote goes to the band 'tool' they influenced me musically the most BY FAR. although I would love to see what kind of music Sublime would be [putting out these days if Brad was still alive, that long beach dub allstarts shit is horrible.
  4. i would say Alice In Chains theres alot of bands trying do do that now like Godsmack creed , and stained stupid shit like that who all suck and do no justice to alice but they are all influenced by them. Oh and days of the new but they were pretty good.

  5. They sounded a lot like Creed but were slightly better...wonder why they never took off?
  6. they were much better then Creed. i think the only people who bought the cds were Alice fans.
  7. well im my opinion the most outta that catagory would be probly nirvana just cause they made grundge popular, but non of them really do much on influencing music.
  8. tool has influence me quite a bit too (at least musically...tool kicks ass...at least a perfect circle doesnt suck) but ive been more influence by the Misfits and other late 70's punk bands (Sex Pistols, Ramones...that stuff) cuz our band is more punk...punk just inst what it used to be...

    thanks SO much Mtv :p (Sifl & Ollie KICKED ASS! WHY DID YOU TAKE THEM OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!)

    sorry for that...but i jus thad to say that just in case any Mtv execs were here...:p

    (and yes i know Mtv used to be "good"...but look at it now)

  9. I've been wondering why they cancelled it myself...that show ruled.
  10. Nirvana... i loved the band since i was small
  11. your right hempress...it totallyed ruled!...chester was the shit...and i loved that one epsidoed about the pandas that kill...that was fuckin hilarous...im gonna write to them about that!

  12. I dunno about perfect circle..I'm sure they have their good points but I tend to stray a bit from the modern MTV "punk" music. If you're in to the old school stuff you should check out X if you haven't...They were around 75-83ish, i think, maybe a bit later then 75..but whatever. Really really good stuff...its like rockabilly ramones with more harmony and a girl singer. The guitar player/singer John Doe is still touring around and doing solo stuff..its more country roots type stuff, but its still good nonetheless.

    Also, if you like american nightmare by the misfits you should check out a band called the Meteors, they're a 70's/80's psychobilly band from the UK..its good stuff.

    And while I'm thinking about it...when are they gonna put the State on DVD?~
  13. perfect circle isnt punk and it sure as fuck isnt what Mtv likes to play...but thanks for the advice...i d/l some stuff from X and i like it, but only found a few songs by the Meteors
  14. yea i guess i'm not really up on MTV these days..ah well. glad you like the shit.

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