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  1. Hey all you artists I have a proposition for you. I am an aspiring writer of comics, videogames, and novels. I have wanted to do an e-comic for quite a long time now. I have thought that it would start as a comic online then move to a print version hopefully we can start in Heavy Metal magazine with a novelette. I have started using we because I need an artist. I can't promise any money first off but I will give a 50/50 split of all profits made on this endeavor with a artist or artists who assist. So if you are interested please get in touch with me.
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    Now to the subject of content. This is a story I have been brewing for a long time. It is a vampire story but not your typical horror vampire blood sucker story. There is nothing prosaic about this. I want to do a vampire story that is more of an action adventure sword and sorcery story. Without giving up too much I want to warn you. I don't want anyone pulling a south park chef thing on me halfway through. I will piss off many religious people. In this story Jesus doesn't arise from the cave thanks to god but thanks to the devil making him a vampire. The Catholic Church is going to be a false prophet run by the devils son Draku the main bad guy (aka Constantine). When god made man in his image the devil made vampires in his image. The main climax is a great war between vampires (good and evil), Humans (good and evil), and angels (good and evil). Some people call it omega some call it revelations. The story will start here. The main good guy <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Canton</st1:place></st1:City> falls in love with a human woman who hates vampires (he's a vampire). She killed her father when he became a vampire. He killed his wife and 8 year old son when he became a vampire and then killed them again when they become vampires. He is a hunter a vampire who kills addicts those who live to feed and become addicted to blood. The vampires only have to feed once a year but some become addicted to the rush and feed incessantly becoming stronger but less human and in control of themselves. Vampires when they transform become impervious to most attacks. A bullet hits them and they immediately clot. But a vampires teeth will create a wound that will not clot. The hunters who kill addicts thus make swords and arrows etc. out of teeth of the vampires they kill. Now I can continue talking about the ins and outs of this for days so I will leave it here. If you're interested in working with me get in touch. iI can only say I read a lot of comics and if this story was available I would buy it every month. This is more spawn than spiderman so keep that in mind.

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