Who thinks i need to put this butane to use?

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  1. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

    well, i've never posted in this section, but now's the time to do it i suppose. buddy of mine just finished harvesting his "not-the-cream-of-the-crop section," and i got myself 85.43g of trimmings (leaves/stems mostly removed), and some already ground stuff that didn't end up getting smoked, along with the butane for $150. there's no oil at any of the clubs around here for fear of being federally busted, so i was extremely happy i could get all of that for the price. hopefully this yields decently. will post more after it's complete.

    click on the image to view larger.

  2. Hell ya man, let's see that bho!
  3. ok strange delay sadly. considering hexane because that butane was essentially free, and the tube provided......is just way too small for this much bud.
  4. Go to ace get a 18" long 2-3" diameter black PVC pipe. Get two caps of some material for the pipe. Drill one hole in one cap and like 10 tiny holes on the other cap. I'm assuming you know how to make wax hash since you already got the butane so just finish from there. A tube like that can fit 2-4 oz of bud/trim/sweet leaf. Hexane isn't really that much better than butane so long as it's something like 5 times refined butane like vector butane.
  5. pvc pipe? no thx. Stainless steel or glass.
  6. YUP :bongin:
  7. Preferably that's what you want stainless steel or glass. However not everyone is made of money. If you get the black pipe, which isn't even exactly PVC its just what I call it, then you have about 5 uses you can use it on before it starts degrading and ending up in your hash. Gotta use the vector butane though, don't cheap out. And don't cheap out and get 'real' white PVC pipe either. You'll have all sorts of impurities in your hash.
  8. i just did a batch of bho for my first time. could only get triple refined oh weel.. used black pv 1 en with a small hole the other end had 2 coffe flters on it used about 14gs or so of fresh/somewhat dry bud.... when the butane was going on the plate it looked like nothing was there when we started to dry it we realized that its just cuz its so pure. thres no signs of amber , red,black anywhere in it this stuff is just straight blonde

    ill post up some pics in a bit
  9. So, in the long run it would be more cost effective to buy a stainless steel turkey baster. "Not everyone is made of money" Seems like it costs you more money in the long run continuously buying new pvc pipes. I bought a turkey baster for $13...I'm not made of money but I just know to use stainless steel or glass for the best product.

    Because of how little we know about using pvc and butane for all you know your 3rd run could be extracting minute amounts of plastic.

    What happened?
  10. That's the right color, blonde is pretty. That's the only color that came out with my
    Black pipe..
    Steel turkey Baster is cool, can't fit nearly as much in it though. When it all comes down to it glass would be the best, but I don't know any glass blowers to make one for me.
  11. Yeah but people are like tripping that there is not enough room to fit all your trimmings. First off, the smaller runs you do the higher quality oil because the tane doesn't sit in the plant material as long.

    What's so hard about emptying out your baster and loading up some more herbs and do that 3 or 4 times into the same dish.
  12. U paid 150 for butane. How many did u get. We have some smoke shop
    That has no idea an sells cases of 12 for 25 bucks
  13. Yea no PVC. That shit breaks down from the butane an u smoke that hit. No good

  14. Lol I just reread that! I get mine for 4.99 a bottle, idk if they do bulk deals. All about the vector.
  15. nope. for the butane, along with the bud.

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