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Who supplies medical marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Trance104, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. I would actually like to supply one of these places.. What does one have to go about doing to do so? (other than grow good stuff) I've become interested in this and see it as a great opportunity to start farming. What does everyone think? Any input is appreciated!
  2. Well you get it from dispensaries, but i'm not sure who supplies the stores

    They aren't gonna buy it from some dude's guerilla grow tho.

    I think the government would grow their own and supply the dispensaries.
  3. well someone has to grow it...so i would imagine someone with a close personal relationship to the dispensary owner grows some bomb for a set price by the pound or ounce...larger dispensaries must have several growers, otherwise they would hit dry spots and no business wants to do something like that...
  4. Right... So it's illegal to grow marijuana, but legal to use it as medicine... Correct? I mean I know that people can select other people to grow it for them, but that's limited. Thanks again!
  5. vendors and local growers who are eligable to grow for other patients.
  6. It's not illegal to grow in California as long as you have the license to do it. There is a limit on how much at a time though. Just buy some clones and get to work.
    My friend has sold to dispensaries before. He basically just walked in and asked them if he could. This isn't your local pharmacy, not many standards and regulations at most of these places. If you grow good weed and want to sell it, they aren't going to care much. He has his license btw. They aren't going to take it from some random dude of the streets.

  7. In California many dispenseries buy from their own patients.

    Its as simple as getting a 215 recommendation (its not actually a license and has nothing to do with the state or county)

    With your 215 recommendation in hand you can then join as many compassion clubs, coops, or dispenseries as you like. From there you just ask if they buy from patients and what they are looking for. Most clubs are extremely fussy about quality and often are after specific strains.

    There are tax implications for larger sales, but a good accountant can help you figure out a plan.
  8. watch 'Super High Me'
  9. Card, recommendation, license....people use all those terms to describe the same thing. By definition it is a license and what do you mean it has nothing to do with state? Prop. 215 was passed in California only. I think you meant that you don't have to go through the state to obtain it....?

  10. There are county and state level permits/licenses available, but they are few and far between in comparison with the number of folks simply using 215 Dr recommendations.

    To my mind the word "License" infers some level of direct government involvement and information transfer. A 215 Dr Recommendation is much closer to a "Prescription" in which your Dr gives you permission to buy medicine from a supplier .... No gov't involvement or documentation.

    .... but admittedly it's semantics.
  11. The vendors that supply the dispensary I go to are called 'street vendors'. They basically walk in off the street and sell their herb to the club for a wholesale price. Eventually, the street vendors form connections and probably work out some kind of deal with the owner of that dispensary. A lot of growers wanting to grow for the dispensaries will form a co-op with other growers they know.
  12. There was this guy in my little town who grew mad bud for the clubs close to me. His shit was always dank and he would sell to other people but only like half o's and up.. Anyways he got busted and kinda disappeared, but i think it had to do with him selling to people besides the club and someone just ratted on him... Our whole town misses his weed lol, but we still have alot of dank here =]
  13. Get your med card, join their dispensary, walk in with samples, drop em off, tell them what is is, tell them how much it's gonna cost them and then tell em to give you a call if they're interested. Deal closed.
  14. The folks over at this site- http://www.cannashops.com/ should be able to answer your questions with facts, not speculation.

    Granny :wave:
  15. hahahahaha nope if you have a card and you grow weed atleast in california you can take in the max you can hold and sell it to them. but some shady clubs i heard let people without cards sell it to them but i know for sure you can sell it to them if you have a medical marijuana card
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    Where the product comes from and how its distributed is the "gray area" of the MMJ p215/sb420 laws in CA.

    Dispensaries are supposed to get weed from their patients, who sell off their excess pot.
    Of course, way more patients don't grow than those that do, so demand is greater than supply.
    So inevitably you have growers having to grow more than the legal limit for themselves, or you have dispensaries buying from street sources, which is not how the law intends it to be.

    What I hear medical growers have been doing is getting agreements with patients, where say the grower is growing 120 plants and the legal limit is 12 plants. The grower then has to find 11 patients, and get them to sign an agreement (sometimes its a verbal agreement, its not official at all) establishing the grower as a caregiver- the main things that happen here are the patient gives the grower a photocopy of his doctor's recommendation, the grower promises to compensate the patient with usually an ounce or two at harvest, the rest of the harvest goes to collectives, and most importantly the patient agrees to show up in court and testify for the grower should he be arrested.

    This way the grower ends up with 120 plants, but 11 patient recommendations that he can use to argue to a judge that he was providing for, this splits up his plants by 12 so each person had a 12 plant lot, bringing it into legal limits. The patients get compensated with a small amount, and the rest gets spread around to those who need it.

    Now, this is how I remember it, I only talked to people in the program about this a few times. I'm not sure at all how it actually turns out in court, with this defense.

    Anyway, as far as your question- yeah, you can sell to dispensaries if you have a recommendation and grow your own. Of course, the different dispensaries will have their own judgements on what they want to buy or not, and you may not be successful at every one, but you will find a place willing to take your herb as long as it meets their standards, so good luck and grow us some nice pot please! :D
  17. I thank all of you for your input... now I gotta move to cali... ;0) this answers my question and now I have a goal in life once again that's not completely illegal... they are harsh down here in tx though... woo... that's why weed is so expensive over here. I wanna take the right steps to do something I enjoy. I don't smoke at all... I've never even tried it, but I love growing plants and I see it as a cash crop. I imagine the best thing to do would be to grow sell then report income on taxes to try to help the situation...
  18. I had a friend that had a crop of Sour Diesel and was selling to clubs, no license.
  19. To grow marijuana legally you need to have a patient who has gotten a medical marijuana licence. Then you have to fill out the forms together and send them into the government. You have to get a criminal record check done too (no drug charges allowed).
    This article explains it from the marijuana patients angle.

    Medical Marijuana Supply in Canada - Medical Marijuana - Zimbio
  20. I was curious about this, too. There isn't as much information out there on how to become a caregiver, what the legalities are, etc.

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