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Who smokes and doesnt drink?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. I can honestly say that i have never truly gotten drunk. I always smoke i just think it is better because ive seen people who have hangovers and they look like shit and ym zoloft wont allow me to drink.
  2. i rarely drink. i've been extremely drunk before, and i just don't enjoy it. even without the hangover.

    unless it's absinthe. i can drink a whole bottle of absinthe to myself. i'll be really fuckin wasted, but it's different to a normal kind of drunk. i can still walk straight and talk fine.

    but after drining absinthe, as soon as beer touches my lips i'm on the floor!

    the last time i drank actually.... was about 3 months ago. it's very rare.
  3. i havent had a drink and hope to never. basically, alcoholism runs in my family and its killed my grandpa and ruined my dads life. he's gotten into a couple bad car accidents when he was drunk, and it also got him and my mom divorced. sucks :\
  4. I drink. I drank before I ever smoked. I drink a lot less now that I smoke, but I still like to get drunk sometimes. I also nearly never have a hangover becuase I keep myself hydrated when I drink. One nice way to get drunk is with a bottle of wine. After a while you notice you're drunk physically, but you don't feel as drunk mentally. It's less of a sedated drunk. Now that I think about it, the last time I got drunk was when I was out of pot.
  5. i hate taking shots!!! mixed drinks are cool, beer is nice too
  6. i dont drink a whole lot, i smoke a whole lot but i just dont like being drunk as much, its not being drunk its just that most of the time it dont taste as good and burns my throat, the only thing i like to drink are like liquor smoothies and like 40's, specialy hurricane...hobo beer:D
  7. yay fer 40's

    magnums are pretty sick

    my fav 40 is colt 45!
  8. i like being drunk but hate beer. all my friends call me a pussy cuz i always get the lemonade flavored drinks. id much rather smoke bud. god made weed man made beer who do u trust?
  9. well i hate drinking... but i drank today. Like... 12 shots, that was around 4pm though. I smoked a bowl sinse then. I used to like mixed drinks more, but now i just fucking take shots unless the mixed-drinks taste really good. I don't like drinking, if i had enough bud to be high a few times a day i'd never drink. I plan to always grow my own bud, and have enough so i won't have to drink, soon. Right now where i live makes it hard. my gf doesn't want me drinking so i really want to quit for her too.
  10. are you a juggalo? =\
  11. I smoke alot more than I drink.

    I will drink beer on occations, but I like my mixed drinks..

    I'll smoke anytime I feel like it. I only drink socially and when I've had a real bad day or week!
  12. i was completely t total for over 2 years... i hardly drink at all, i just had a little spat of having a drink or few every day for several days in a row then... thats over. i wanna get back to drinking nothing. its no good.
  13. i love to drink! i just beer bonged 2 beers :D Drinking is key.

    Drink and take MUSHROOMS!! Im serious, if you think you can handle this do it. Its fucking amazing, most fun ive ever had.
  14. I don't drink, haven't for a year. I never got real sick or hung over but i got so tired of fukin' drinkin' every night. I used to be a DJ/singer and where do DJ's work? Yep, bars. Everybody's gotta buy the DJ a drink (but the upside is everybody who tokes cones over and smokes out tha DJ)


  15. That's just how I just makes me dizzy and tired.
  16. In the past month or two I have probably bought like 20-30 fifths of rum/vodka. Not smoking bud is BAD for me. Can't wait to get a job so I can smoke again.

  17. cause ya got ta drink a lil bit more or a lil fatser ta get ya where ya want to be.......

    personlly... im hammered right now.... used to never drink that much ( working in a liqour store i see what it actually does to people)

    but since moving to the beach... ive found my self drinking a lot more and being up to watch a lot more sun rise's....:)
  18. does anyone find that if you get drunk, and then smoke weed it gets you really fucken wasted?

    i always pass out when i mix the two. probably cos i hardly ever drink.
  19. I don't really like drinking. I've never been totally smashed, nor do I want to be. I've never had a hangover and don't want one. I drink occasionally, but only one or two. I don't really like that fuzzy, cloudy feeling that alcohol leaves you with. Plus it tends to make me loud, obnoxous and irritable. Weed is just such a better buzz... I mean like a thousandfold, why do I want anyhting else?
  20. drinking sucks hardcore, bud is the only thing for me!

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