Who"s Goin To See Kmk>!?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rampede, May 9, 2006.

  1. Yeah, i am!! My mom said she saw the KMK concerta add, so i shall be going to that concert! Who is comin with me/1?!?!?! Definately a smoke out befor/on the way to the show! Gonna smoke a few dubs in the car and rippsum bongs at home right after work! then head on up there with like an eith rolled into as dankity ass blunt! filled with the 3rd generation weed, not dank, better...its fucking cumlicious, no shit. But yeah went off topiic there, so who sall is goin, i dont have details yet but soon to come!
  2. what kmk concerta add?

  3. SOrry i meant concert LMAO!
  4. im from ny , but they had a add about concerta? what did it say?
  5. lol kotton mouth kings brand adhd medicine
  6. Yeah, I'm going to the one in Cincy on August 5th. Me and three friends are going. Gonna get a half oz or a full one, its gonna rock.
  7. I*'m going to the one at boston.. Its right next to fenway park.. You walk right by the green monster to get to it.
  8. Yeah dude, im gonna go too, only 20 bucks a ticket duddde lol. Im bringin my green machine (i stole debauch's name, its been named that since benfor ive been amaember here) so yeha, fun fun...peace!
  9. ANyone goin to the one in GR? Maybe i could somehow hit up AFD cus he lives in ma state! Pass the word to AFD that ill supply the herbs, no not dealing but just smokin, if he will just come with me so yall know that im fo real and dont fuck around when it comes to smoking, then at east ill have someone to vouge for me that i aint no posa! NAd from pics i think that where afd's, apparently he can get sum good shit, so hell have to toke it with me some day, some day, im really high, that makes me want to write a siong, even though ive never wrote a song befor! lmao.

    Wow, i guess i ranted on there for a while, sorry lol.

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