Who really is normal?

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  1. After torchin a few bowls today, i thought to myself, Am i normal? are the people i chill with normal? are YOU normal? who is normal?

    What is being normal??

    Can anyone please explain to me WHAT being NORMAL is, and who is it?

    My mind is goin crazy because being NORMAL is not possible.. because who sets the standards for being normal.. i dont get it and if any of you have an idea what im talkin bout right now, please let me know.. maybe im to high :smoking::eek:

    Thanks fellow blades!
  2. Normal is not picking up that heavy lamp next to your couch and bashing your friend's head to a pulp. That's normal.
  3. no one is normal. if we were normal, the world would be a terribly bland place.

    However, i am norml. quite norml
  4. Theres no such thing as "normal".. normal refers to a lack of significant deviation from the average..

    soooo whats average? haha..
  5. Normal is what society considers the majority of human beings to be, behaviour wise and physically. It is often different than what the statistics numbers show because most people aren't normal.
  6. Exactly!!

    If no one is normal then why is there a word normal?

    if normal is so called average, then indeed wat is average?

    I jus dont get it lol
  7. I think about this all the time, no one should really have the ability to judge what is "normal" or not.
  8. Society, socialy the way we live there is a manufactured normal as there are other 'establishment' injections. Normal as a word is just a word dude, you're tripping.
  9. Normal is just an insane idea that states that all humans should believe the same thing in a moral way and in every day life. In my eyes, its bullshit :eek:
  10. im not really talkin more less about the word " Normal ", just its meaning and who is normal
  11. "Normal" is impossible. Everyone is unique, whether they try to be or not. Which leads to the conundrum; You are unique, just like everyone else. None of it's possible, but at the same time it is. Someone answer me. Am I making any sense or am I just too high?
  12. There are certain things that would make someone not normal. Like self castration.

  13. Self castration isn't normal?
  14. Everythings a lil twistid. Normal is only as normal as one wishes to make it.:smoking:
  15. "Normal" is whatever you believe it to be. Depending on what culture you hail from, your individual traits, and your life experience, "normal" can be used to describe anything that you think is acceptable or commonplace. The problem comes when people start thinking that their perception of normal is the best one...
  16. Everyone is normal until you get too know them.
  17. I think about this all the time sober, never yet have I thought about this high. Normal is an impossibility for the human race, or anything for that matter. Normal, in theory, is a standard set by a mass of theoretically normal people. But since everybody is different, than normality ceases to exist. Even twins can be complete opposites. I guess you could say we share bits of normality with people when we share the same interests and beliefs as one another, but as far as normal goes, it is nonexistent.
  18. Someone who doesn't break a single social norm.
  19. Too many variables. A crippled person can be completely normal.
  20. the world is to diverse to have a normal, there are a lot of differnt lifeslyles in this world and to say which one of them is normal would be like trying to say which vegtible is the most "normal"

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