who plays music?

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  1. any musicians in here??
  2. about 90% of my mates from back home a great musicians... me however... i can play a couple of tunes on a tin whistle and i plink & plonk a bit on the piano/keyboards and the triangle, tamborine and bongos and tomtoms. but i'm crap.

    I can however make some well cool stuff with the aid of a computer, a microphone and even just the most basic of software.

    em... i guess the short answer would be...
    not me.
  3. I am. Guitar, drums, bass.
  4. all 3?
  5. yea man, me and deadhead would be playin, and the fat dood played bass, i did guitar, and deadhead did drums. we got rid of the fat guy cuz he's a fuckin psycho. one time we tried to play everybody must get stoned, but it didnt work.

  6. yep.

  7. AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?! :D
  8. Guitar and Bass.
  9. Little Wing, i've thought about learning bass, but i feel plenty occupied with just the guitar. Bearing that in mind, how long did you play guitar before learning bass? Or did you learn the bass first?
  10. I actually started playing both at about the same time. I would just play both instruments for many hours a day for years, and now I'm pretty decent at both.
  11. I play drums (Pearl Export Series) and can play bar chords on a guitar, and can hammer out some easy i,iv,v chord progressions on the bass. Not nothing to brag about now, but my band opened up for the Goo Goo Dolls in Buffalo a couple times. They actually used to be good. Check out their earler shit, like from the album "Jed" and the one before that. Just don't go any more recent than "Hold Me Up".
  12. Ive been playing guitar for about 6 years, and ive only been smoking for about lets see..... 11 months(?)
    and smoking has boosted my creativity so i got that goin for me, which is nice
  13. Bass player for 6 yrs. also lead guitar and drums

    oh yea... and cello

  14. I am a bassest for a band of my friends that call ourselfs "Cacked Bowl"
  15. first i stared to lear drums then guitar then picked up bass. but i suck at all of them but i thinks its fun..
  16. i played percussion instruments all through high school and im starting to learn some guitar lead and bass , like deep purple smoke on the water, the star spangled banner ,and korn falling away from me
  17. Hmmmmmm...........I'm not in any bands but I'm a musician none the less. I play the piano, flute, alto sax, and tenor sax. Every summer, I play in the orchestra for the outdoor dramas in the state parks. We are doing Annie and Little Shop of Horrors this summer.
  18. I've been playing bass in a band for about two years. I play a 2000 Fender P-Bass deluxe, I fucking LOVE her man!!!! I also play harmonica and guitar, but there's nothing like playin bass.
  19. I've playing the guitar for a few months. Off and on for like a year. I'm not too good but i can play a few licks. Also i played bass for a little while till it broke.
  20. well.........
    I play guitar and vocals for my all girl band called
    Piercing Silence.........
    yeah were a metal band!!
    but yeah if u would like to see pixs and shit
    EMAIL ME...........OR IM ME @AshHole_SmackStoner_666<~~~for yahoo messenger!!!

    anyways KEEP TOKIN'!!!
    never quit!
    i gotta jet but goodbye all you lovers!!


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