Who makes the best portable herb vaporizer ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Headhunterpipes, Oct 30, 2022.

  1. Had another member message me asking my opinion.
    I suggested The Mighty. main reason is The Mighty works as in user friendly and designed and constructed well.
    What do you guys and gals think ?
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  2. [​IMG]
    for me its the old school DaVinci, looks like a work radio, use anyplace, cheap too as if you can get them anywhere ...lol
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    I don't know who makes the best, but I use a Firefly 2+.
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  4. I am waiting for the tiny might 2. Looks good :)
  5. Volcano definitely, tbh I haven’t tried any others but from what I’ve read, you’ll be able to hit the ceiling quicker and harder
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  6. I have no idea who makes the best. I have a Sutra Mini that does exactly what it's supposed to do. $100 at my local head shop, maybe cheaper online. And also seen various other identical vapes with a different name on it. Mass produced at some factory in China, then sold to whoever wants to put their name on it. I use it mainly for flower, but it has an insert for concentrates/oil.
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  7. Does the unit get hot?
  8. Not hot to touch when using. When refilling probably want to let it cool for a minute or so, not long. To operate 5 button pushes turn it on, then a few seconds while it comes up to temp. Then a timer starts, you have about 3+ minutes to vape until auto-shutoff. Then, refill and repeat. It's NOT like my nicotine vapor that produces vapor only while the button is pressed. It's vaping actual flower, not vape juice, so once it get's heated you really can't stop the process and have to finish what you loaded. Some save the ABV(already been vaped) weed for further extraction, I just pitch it myself.
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  9. Pitch it? Throw it away?
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