Who likes to watch TED talks?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by futhamucka, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Who doesn't enjoy TedTalks? You find 'em and I'll slap 'em. :p

    Ray Kurzweil on how technology will transform us | Video on TED.com

  2. I love TED talks.....I can't watch your vids rights now but I guarantee you I will watch them all sometime. My favorite TED talk was one where a biologist was discussing Quorum Sensing. <not sure on the spelling right there.
  3. it's in the top 3 of whatever is on the internet.

  4. Yep that one was also awesome.

    There is also a Discovery Special on Steven Hawkins, well worth a watch. You can find it on demonoid if you have an account there (in HD too).
  5. I looooooooove TED talks. Fucking mindblowing
  6. The Ted talks teach me something new every time I watch them. And they make learning fun. If only some of my professors were more like the people speaking..
  7. Been watching vids on TED for the past year and a half, love it

    its so good when you blaze a blunt and come in and watch like 2 videos or something
  8. wow, how have i made it this far in life without discovering ted talks? (not sarcasm)

    i found something new to keep me from studying :)

    thank you
  9. Hehe tell me about it, I space out my work a lot when I'm medicated and looking to procrastinate :)

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