Who likes midbud every so often?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by JJJ420, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Take a look at these mids i got yesterday...payed 15 for a little over an 8th, maybe 4 grams.

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  2. If the buds are compressed n flat n stuff...it looks just like the bud we get here, but I'm sure it's alot better cuz we get like 10 grams for $20
  3. yeah, they are flat and compressed, i smoked a blunt yesterday and a blunt today, the stuff does the trick nicely, and doesnt leave the classic shwag head ache. haha
  4. lol i havnt smoked mid for like 5+ years.

    funny, seems like everytime i go somewhere and smoke, its always me packin :)
  5. mids are good when your runnin out of cash or your with a big group. i usually bring mids when im packin but i save the good shit for my close friends and myself
  6. I love midbud, its nice cheap, and get the job done
  7. 10 grams of schwag for $20 is probably what he means...still not a bad price if you like smoking that shit.
  8. thats looks like what i got right now.. the only bud we could find in cali.......
  9. looks like the mids i move. my mids are brighter green and have a few crystals and i sell it 30 a quarter, 110 an O.

    mids are your best smoke for your buck, but nothing hits the spot like some nugs.
  10. That is not even mids. The mids Ive had were actual buds. That looks exactly like te mexishit i sued to get for 40-50 an oz.
  11. I buy that shit pretty much whenever I can find it. I'm finding that when I buy an 8th of chronic for $50 it's gone so quick because it takes so much to make me feel the way I used to feel off one bowl. With that midgrade shit you can roll yourself a fuckin blunt and blaze a blunt with a friend and get pretty ripped out and it doesnt put a hole in your pocket. So hell yeah for the middies! :cool:

  12. I dont have a mid connect anymore. The price is good though. I used to get nug mids for 30 an 1/8. The bong was defintaely the paraphernalia for it.
  13. that aint midis, the mids i get here look JUST like KB but have few seeds, last time i bought some fire mid was 45 an 8th, what you got there buddy is some of what i call the meximelt, looks like shit, and prolly tastes like shit. PS shwagg doesnt give headaches, people jip you and give you catnip. I dunno about you, but the shwagg i get is fire as hell...
  14. ive never prefered mids over nething else. i used to smoke mids wen i was first starting but now i smoke kB Hydro, shit like that. Mids is ok wen ur low on cash but otherwise stronger shit is the way to go

  15. anything from south of the border is shit imo.
  16. These threads always end up the same way :D

    "You call that KB? That's schwag around here", etc etc

    I find it's always nice to have two qualities of bud anyway. The dank for smoking outta pipes yourself or with friends, and the good mex for rolling big ol blunts, going crazy with the bong or smoking at parties.

    To each their own :) I'm sure if we had the choice, we'd all smoke homegrown super-G13 all day, but hey, be real ;)

  17. *SMACK*

    Looks fine to me man, toke up

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