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Who likes Demerol ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by zack39648, May 16, 2009.

  1. #1 zack39648, May 16, 2009
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    I just got 3 , 50mg demerol's ..I have never taken them before hope there as good to me as say hydrocodone I also have a couple promethazine's i keep around for when i take perc's should i take some with the demerol ? ANybody else have experience with meperidine please share :smoking:
  2. forgot to add i got about a bowl left im going to spark up at peak is that a good idea ? or will it mess with the demerol high?
  3. bout the reponse i expected on a friday night oh well done ate all 3 and took a promethazine will post the effects
  4. starting to feel a warming sensation and slight euphoria smoking the bowl now
  5. well it just hit me . pretty goood for a synthetic opiate (sp?) dont have a nodding feeling feels more like codiene or something ...
  6. it hasnt peaked yet still coming up tjhisd some strong shit boout to wsatch a movie will post a full rundiwn tomorow
  7. Wow having some quality alone time in this thread?
    Never experienced demerol but would like to, seems fun the blissful delirium and all.
  8. i got it IVd for a medical procedure once. First that, then an anesthetic IV about 15 seconds later... so i only experienced about 15 seconds of the demerol at first; but the initial feeling of when it hit my bloodstream was absolutely amazing, it choked my whole body up and it just went into a numbing, blissful sensation. it blew any opiate i'd done out of the water. then i was passed out for about 20-30 minutes, and when i woke, it felt comparable to an OK dose of oxy. In fact, im almost looking forward to my next appointment with my gastrointestinologist
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    yeah man, everybodies so against hard drugs until you walk into a doctors office, then they'll give you a giant shot of opiates or diazapam right into your bloodstream like it's nothing. I love waiting for the blood from my arm to hit my brain, it's like a switch being turned right on, no warning, just BAM noddin' the fuck out

    some of the best high's ive had were in very white rooms.

    I'd feel like I was fucking myself up if I came up on any drug as quick as the IV's do in a hospital, and they say no ill effects come of it.

    oh and the demerol, always read it was an inferior opiate but a guy at my work swears by it. I think I might have four of them in my stash box right now, never felt like touching them but maybe ill give them a try soon
  10. It was pretty damn good but i have had better .. did get some heavy eyes last night after the movie then i went ou ( to sleep ) dont remeber going to sleep just woke up this morning like damn that was pretty good hah .. i wouldnt pay for them but they will have you on the clouds
  11. I got a demerol script after I got my wis teeth taken out. It seemed decent, Kinda just made me zone out like a couple vics do.
  12. well just took 5, 7.5/325 perc's and a 25mg promethazine .. i think tonight will be better than last
  13. bout to peak on the percs , but i just parashuted (sp?) 1, 50mg demerol and took another 25mg promethazine
  14. Demerol and prometh should def get the job done.

    i found a bottle of demerol/apap with one pill left in it. i doubt it'll do much but i might just break it down and rail it... god im desperate
  15. i done took 5 7.5 perc's , 1 50mg demerol and 2 25mg prometh floatin on clouds
  16. clouds??? it sounds like your on the atmosphere bro;)
  17. done dropped 4 more 50mg demerol's tonight feelin good :)
  18. Demerol is okay if it's all that you've got. If you get it in pill form make sure you scratch off the pink coating. The pink coating is tylenol and too much is bad for you :eek:
  19. naw i had pure meperidine hcl tabs ...
  20. done poped another 5, 7.5 percs tonight ...
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