who likes burning incense?

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  1. Attached is the photo of my new burner. I really like it. I got it while I went to a local headshop with my buddy who bought a bong. The dude there even gave me some knockoff brand "beeline" hemp wick for free because I asked about it.
    have a nice day, gc.

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  2. Nice,

    What kind of incense is that?
  3. nice pick up, i usually am burning incense if im toking away.... sometimes even if im not, its just a nice aroma!
  4. kush and nag champa
  5. it's just some incense he gave me for buying the burner (free:hello:). the guy was a real chill dude. i took the free incense because they didn't have many choices left due to they're all sold out. sorry if any of these sentences are weird.
  6. I've got a stash of nag champa, thats the only burnt incense I'll use. I do have an oil heater and patchouli oil I enjoy as well.
  7. hell yeah i love it

  8. my favorite is Himalaya from the BIC brand

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