who knows alot about CFL veging???

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  1. i heard someone saying something about a certain wattage of CFL that has more blue spectrum fopr veg an a certain wattage that has alot of red spectrum for flowering i need to know what the best CFLs are for me to sprout/veg 9 seeds i have 5 CFLs that are equivelent of 100w an 1600 lumens each please help ++++++++++++REP :)

    check out my grow journal in the general outdoor growing section for pics of what i got
  2. its not the wattage rating, but the "kelvin scale" rating that indicates what colour spectrum its putting out the most.

    Is there a number on the bulbs packets followed by a 'k'? or does the bulb packet say something like "warm" or "cool'?
  3. it says 6500k on the box :confused:
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    I just checked the pic of your lights, and they're 6500k. perfect for vegging.

    That kelvin scale is basicly what colour a black object would glow at if raised to that tempreture, at first it would glow red (2000k-3000k) and eventually it would glow blue (5000k+).

    the amount of lights you've got atm will be fine for the first few weeks of vegging, but you should deffiently add more later on, plants really need about 10,000lumens (and about 5000 lumens for each additional plant).
    For your 5 plants you should be aiming for around 30,000 lumens for "full sized" anything less than that and you'll end up stunting thier growth.

    I'd try to get a 250watt or 400w HPS light kit when you start the flowering phase, you should get some great results.
  5. thanks alot man that was perfect i really appreciate the help :hello::D
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    Using two 125 watt 6500K(13,000 total)with Hydrofarm reflectors on nine WW plants. They were just transplanted from seedling a week ago and are really taking off. Tomorrow, Sunday they will be 3weeks old and range from 4-6" in height. They are really more bushy than tall and I raised the light to 6" to get a little stretch.
    Nine plants is double what I woulld normally grow with these lights, but after sexing am hoping for just four ladys to finish up with.
    I definately agree with using hid lighting and will change soon. Trying to avoid excess heat in a closet with the cfl lightimg. With a 400 watt system these plants would have been double in size by now.
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  12. The Kelvin rating is independent for each light your using, and adding two together wont change the outputs, giving a lighting system with a rating of 13,000kelvin etc, just the Lumens are added together.
    2x 125w CFLs should give you 18,000 lumens (i think each 125w CFL does 9,000 lumens, perhaps 10,000?), If they were a warmer color then they'd be the minimum amount needed for your four planned plants really. Great to hear your planning a Hid upgrade tho.

    I'm still saving for my grow tent atm, than I'll veg with the old CFL's (from my last grow) while i save for a HPS, Ballast & cool tube:eek:
  13. My concern here would be that he is referring to "equivalent" wattage and not actual.

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  15. Hydrofarm are a proper range of CFL's for hydroponics, the do some of the most professional light + Hood combo's, so it would definitely be one of thier (actual) 125w models, and not a 30w bulb.
  16. Those are my critters.... I live in a 40 foot RV so power and space is an issue and why I chose cfl. If I had the choice I would use 1000W HID...No problem.....
    I am impressed with the Hydrofarm cfl lighting and the plants have doubled in size since transplanting a week ago. This system will probably be used in a smaller grow tent in the future for clones and bonsi type vegging.

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